(FMT) – The testimonial and affidavit by an eye witness from a team of three at the Sumatran waters who saw the damaged aircraft known as MH370 (9M-MRO) being ditched and previously ignored evidence could now find MH370!

The witness and his crew who were in the vicinity on the morning of March 8th 2014 saw a damaged aircraft, black smoke and the smell of acidic fumes emerging before the aircraft was ditched.

“I physically saw the aircraft moving from right to left, left to right, like a broken kite, no sound, except thick black smoke like from a fire before it hit the water in a slow ditching manner!”

The witness who was in the vicinity rushed to the site only to see the aircraft sink in one piece.

“I was in the area for two days but nothing emerged from the water – no debris, no bodies, just black smoke and a strong acidic stench!” said the witness Rusli 42, an Indonesian fisherman, from Pengkalan Susu, well familiar with the waters there.

There were neither bodies nor debris coming afloat, Rusli reiterated!

However they had recorded the event its ordinance and GPS reading which includes the body or shadow of the aircraft that was embedded in the ocean.

Since they were only a fishing vessel, with neither, high-tech sonar, technical nor technological equipment to address the task at hand, they returned to shore 6 days later where they were told of the disappearance of a Malaysian Aircraft.

Rusli claims on return to the mainland, he notified both local and Malaysian authorities with assistance from others, who after promising them assistance disappeared from further communicating with them.

Many others abused and belittled them.

Humiliated and disturbed, they retreated from public view until contacted by CASSA MALAYSIA in 2017 after our painstaking research showed that there was a very strong possibility and certainty that their accounts should be revisited after two failed searches in the South Indian Ocean (SIO)!

CASSA MALAYSIA have been investigating the disappearance of MH370 from March 9th 2014 with assistance from retired security apparatus and intelligence leads, aviation experts, the media and members of the civil society from Canada, the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia said President Prof.Datuk Dr Jacob George who is Malaysia ASEAN APEC lead Consumerist.

He also heads the International Intelligence Task Force 370 (IIT370)a close group of international experts from various fields.

We spent our own savings to research, investigate, travel and pursue this tragedy!

We also had discussions with research scientists and experts like Dr David Griffin at CSIRO Tasmanian, Australia.

For the record, we have always being suspicious of the Inmarsat claims, communication data traffic and claims of those who have been in the forefront of this narrative post 2014, which found nothing after two extensive searches!

We do not trust those who masqueraded as friendly parties, including those we believe planted evidence, or wrote fake news, which includes the international media, as our investigations showed they were in cahoots with those out to highjack the narrative for personal and private interest, agenda and conduct a trial by media on an innocent Captain and spearhead a negative propaganda campaign against the Malaysian government!

Our extensive network and investigations drew us to those currently in Indonesia and the Andaman after painful long searches and investigations!

Through the assistance of government and local politicos in Indonesia we met Rusli, who claimed with collaboration from others that he was at the point of impact with three others who collaborated his claims!

Our interaction with them raised real concerns and convinced us to bring this to the attention of the Malaysian government, notably Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook, to launch an investigation and visit to the GPS ordinance site in the Sumatran and Andaman area!

The witness Rusli who has taken an oath on the holy Koran that he is speaking the truth is also willing to assist our Navy ships to the area cited.

He is also willing to be put through any polygraph tests!

He has also handed over the GPS data, the evidence of the site and point of impact to CASSA MALAYSIA to assist investigations.

CASSA MALAYSIA is officially sending Prime Minister a full and comprehensive dossier seeking his intervention in this matter.

In view of the failure of past narratives, expert opinions and searches, there is no reason not to respond in a comprehensive manner to the area denoted in the given ordinance reading!

I am certain our neighbors Indonesia will be willing to assist this matter in the spirit of ASEAN solidarity!

More so with satellite pictures from Tomnod a project owned by Colorado-based satellite company DigitalGlobe that uses crowdsourcing to identify objects and places in satellite images showing clearly an aircraft at the area where the witness claim was the impact!

“This cannot be a coincidence and it is imperative that we initiate a fresh search and we owe a duty of care and of responsibility to bring closure to those still seeking one!

If the evidence and data given by witnesses culminates in a breakthrough of a find, it is imperative that the Malaysian government also need to reward those who brought this about, to solve one of the greatest aviation mysteries of our time” reiterated Datuk Dr George.\