PPBM urged to make Wan Saiful state coordinator as Perlis split widens

The number two man in Perlis PPBM has come to the defence of Wan Saiful Wan Jan after the latter was sacked as the secretary by state chairman Ameir Hassan.

(FMT) – Perlis PPBM deputy chairman Syed Nawawi Syed Abd Rahman urged the party’s central leadership to instead remove Ameir and appoint Wan Saiful to coordinate and restructure the organisation of the party in the northern state.

“The real problem that is hidden from the public lies in Ameir Hassan himself as the state chairman and Arau division chief,” Syed Nawawi said in a press conference accompanied by several state leaders.

He said Ameir had failed to administer the party, adding that he was “treating the party as his private property”.

“His own division in Arau has rejected him. More than half of the Arau PPBM committee members have signed a petition to the Central Leadership Council to have him replaced with someone with more credibility and authority,” he said.

Ameir has repeatedly defended his decision to sack Wan Saiful, who heads the National Higher Education Fund Corporation.

This followed Wan Saiful’s claim of abuses in the party including the falsification of documents.

A police report on the abuses was lodged by Wan Saiful.

Ameir yesterday denied that he had urged Wan Saiful to withdraw the report, saying the matter had been discussed and the culprit identified.

But he refused to divulge the reasons for removing Wan Saiful, adding that he had compiled a 17-point list to explain his decision to the central leadership.

“I will not tell you these 17 reasons now, for I am afraid it will damage PPBM’s reputation,” he told FMT yesterday.

On Monday, Wan Saiful hinted that the bad blood between him and Ameir had to do with disagreements over attempts to get government contracts awarded to relatives of Perlis PPBM leaders.

Wan Saiful had said he would not succumb to pressure from anyone to get rich illegally.

Syed Nawawi Syed Abd Rahman

Syed Nawawi said many divisions in Perlis were unhappy with Ameir’s style of leadership, with several memorandums submitted to top leaders in Kuala Lumpur calling for his sacking.

He described Ameir as insecure about the presence of Wan Saiful, whom he said had established good ties with the grassroots in Perlis.

“He has the tendency to appoint someone and sack him without any concrete reason. This has paralysed PPBM’s organisation at the division and state levels,” said Syed Nawawi.

He added that Ameir’s issue with Wan Saiful had to do with a feeling of insecurity over the latter’s efficiency.

“Wan Saiful can work with everyone and is not biased. But this, for Ameir, is a threat,” he said, adding that PPBM should appoint Wan Saiful as coordinator for its Perlis chapter.