It looks like I was proven wrong

Raja Sara Petra 

It looks like my friends were right and I was wrong when they told me they voted for Pakatan Harapan in GE14 because Pakatan was going to bring changes to Malaysia. I can already see these changes less than a year after the change of government.

One major change is the ban on smoking. The government is making it more inconvenient for people to smoke so we can expect many to now give up this expensive and unhealthy habit.

The raid on bars in hotels is another good move to end the vice of drinking and drugs. Randomly raiding bars, pubs and clubs and doing a test on anyone found on the premises is a good move to force Malaysians to become more holy.

No doubt picking people off the streets to randomly test them for drugs and alcohol content in their blood without any reason may be a violation of your civil rights but sometimes democracy needs to be suspended for your own good.

Maybe maidens or anak dara can also be stopped on the streets and tested whether they are still virgins and if not they can be arrested and charged for zina. This would be a good way to prevent immorality amongst the youth.