Rulers had special meeting

(NST) – A RARE and unscheduled meeting among rulers took place here on Wednesday night, following the end of Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah’s duties as acting Yang di-Pertuan Agong in the absence of the king, Sultan Muhammad V.

Sultan Muhammad V had been on two month’s leave until Dec 31 for medical treatment, the details of which were not disclosed at the time.

During his absence, there were foreign media reports and photographs claiming the king had wed a former Russian beauty queen in Moscow. There was no official confirmation or denial of the marriage.

More recently, social media has been abuzz with fresh claims and adverse commenting concerning Sultan Muhammad V, with no official reaction from the palace or other authorities.

Sources confirmed to the New Straits Times yesterday that the unofficial meeting took place, but declined to divulge details about what was discussed.

It is understood that unofficial meetings of the rulers are rare, and unlike the regular Conference of Rulers, do not require the presence of the prime minister or other officials.

“Such meetings are usually held once or twice a term, and normally it is to discuss something important. There was no such meeting last year.”

Another source, who also confirmed that the meeting took place, said a “serious” discussion was held over a matter regarding the monarchy.

“Yes, the meeting was held last night. A serious matter was discussed. We want to know where we are heading concerning this matter,” the source said, declining to confirm whether the king was present at the meeting.

“The others (rulers) were present. But you have to ask Istana Negara. I cannot tell you (whether the Agong attended the meeting ).”

The Conference of Rulers takes place over three days, and is attended by only the nine rulers on the first day.

On the second day, governors will join the meeting alongside the nine rulers. For the third day, the meeting will include the prime minister, menteris besar and chief ministers.

Sources told NST that the normal Wednesday meeting for the prime minister to present cabinet papers to the king also did not take place.

Coincidentally on that day itself, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad published a post titled “Rule of Law ”, which defended the public’s right to lodge complaints against those who break the law, regardless of their position or stature.

“The rule of law applies to everyone, from the rulers to the prime minister and ministers, to civil servants and ordinary citizens.

“There is no provision which exempts anyone from the rule of law. For the rulers, there is a special court, but the laws are the same as the laws applicable to ordinary citizens. The rulers too must respect the laws.”

He said it was disturbing to see blatant breaches of the law being perpetrated in the mistaken belief that immunity had somehow been accorded.

Up to press time, Twitter was abuzz with Netizens seeking the truth behind rumours and allegations regarding the king.