Is this how we greet the New Year?

Raja Sara Petra

As we watched on TV the ‘live’ fireworks display from New Zealand to New York that spanned over 18 hours, Kuala Lumpur was focused on the ‘fireworks’ of whether Anwar Ibrahim is supposed to take over as PM within 2 years or within 1 term of 5 years.

Meanwhile, Lim Guan Eng announced he would need at least 3 years to bring Malaysia back to health and, in the meantime, while we wait for Malaysia to get back to health, highway toll charges cannot be abolished while the price of petrol cannot be reduced to RM1.50 a litre as promised.

Guan Eng still insists that Malaysia’s debt is RM1 trillion even though no one believes him while his father is still screaming about the 1MDB ‘kleptocracy’, a word that is uttered 125 times a day.

I remember once when Lim Kit Siang’s favourite word was ‘hegemony’. But now that Tun Dr Mahathir is prime minister, Kit Siang can no longer use that word, just like Anwar no longer uses the word ‘Mahafiraun’ to describe Mahathir.

What a great 2019 lies ahead of us when the Pakatan leaders’ mouths move faster than their brains.

Seven months down the road, where are we now?