Two boys met in Morocco to help make Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad politically stronger with some steroid of their own making.

Dr Mahathir has been warned by Bersatu not to take in UMNO MPs except those with a clean record. That’s a tough call!

And the non-Bumiputera PKR MPs whom Azmin plans to hawk cannot join Bersatu which is Bumiputera-only.

But Dr Mahathir needs stronger assurance that he will have parliamentary support when he pushes Anwar aside.

Hishammuddin had worked tirelessly to present to Dr Mahathir with thirty-five frog MPs from UMNO but the filter is just too tough to see them through!

So the solution according to the two boys is to find a place to park them and the non-Bumiputera MPs but they would be still in the government.

A new party sounded like fun! Dr Mahathir is sure to approve, they think.  No planning, no data, just personal feelings. That’s how Bersatu was formed and now it is saddled with these incapabilities.

The feeling was that Dr Mahathir was so popular with UMNO members that Bersatu will have their support and can stand on its own. Bah humbug! Now he’s looking for MPs the back-door way!

Don’t the boys know that the Malay UMNO MPs will find it difficult to join a multi-racial party? PKR of yesteryears knew that. Azmin wouldn’t know, he was just a benign passenger.

And the non-Bumiputera MPs of PKR were career politicians who would never allow themselves be tainted by rubbing shoulder with crooks from UMNO?

In the end, who among the existing MPs would join the new party? How does that help Dr Mahathir?

Not surprising coming from two air-heads who had no political achievements under their belts. One depended on the Anwar name and the other on the Onn name to move up in politics.

Now that both are in trouble, they team up to come with a crap of an idea, that has no political basis except to lick ass, which they are used to.

Nevertheless, we’d love to see them in action all by themselves!