Semua orang tak betul kecuali Lim Kit Siang seorang

Lim Kit Siang

A modern-day Lewis Caroll would have found the Malaysian political landscape a fertile field to fire his imagination if he wanted to write Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 2.0.

We have the leader of a political party which for six decades until the recent General Election had claimed the divine right to govern the country succumbing to pressures to relinquish his post as he has failed to give any direction to his party after a crushing defeat in the last general election.

We have the “acting” leader of this party who had been a moderate and had eschewed the inflammatory and deceitful politics of race and religion before the general election transforming himself into a foremost practitioner of the vicious and toxic politics of lies, hate, fear, race and religion!

We have as his “deputy” a former Cabinet Minister who could not differentiate between a chicken egg and a turtle egg, illustrating the kakistocracy which Malaysia had suffered in the past decade, run by a half-past six Cabinet.

We have a leader of a spineless member of the ruling coalition in the past six decades giving me profuse praise and support for the statement that “DAP would not be a MCA2”, not realising for a moment that he was in fact slapping his own face and condemning his own party.

We have another leader of another spineless member of the ruling coalition in the past six decades who had been disqualified as a Member of Parliament by the election court for money politics declaring righteously that there is nothing in law preventing him from re-contesting although he did dare to appeal to the Election Court for his disqualification.

We have the former Prime Minister, the former Deputy Prime Minister, and the bigwigs of the former administration queueing up to be charged in court for a variety of corruption and abuse of power crimes in an unfinished contest as to who would face the most number of charges – the former PM with hitherto 35 charges or the former DPM with hitherto 46 charges.

We have the Police raiding the palatial homes of the former Prime Minister carting away 284 boxes containing luxury handbags and 72 bags filled with jewellery, cash of various denominations, watches and other valuables.

We have a small nation beating the world in having the largest kleptocratic scandal in the world as to be condemned by the whole world as a global kleptocracy.

We have a Malaysian who could be a “whale” not only in the United States financial system but exploit the international financial system to put to shame Middle Eastern royalty and American billionaires.

We have a FLOM who puts the Kings and Queens in the world to shame in greed and ostentation.

We have an opposition party which condemned 99% of the 1.9 billion Muslims of the world as not true believers of Islam because they live in 159 countries which have ratified the International Convention for the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination.

These and much more.

The modern-day Lewis Caroll may have material to write Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 3.0.