Latheefa alleges cronyism in Anwar’s recent appointment of PKR state leaders

(The Star) – A PKR central committee member has alleged “cronyism and nepotism” in the recent appointment of state leaders in the party by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Latheefa Koya (pic) pointed out that the appointments announced were “disturbing and a cause for grave concern.”

“Firstly, except in the case of Sarawak and Selangor, the state chiefs who have been appointed are known to be aligned to one of the two main factions in PKR.

“Why the heavy imbalance favouring one faction?

“Appointments favouring one particular faction are tantamount to cronyism, which is anathema to any reform party,” she said in a statement on Monday (Dec 17).

Latheefa also pointed out that in at least two states, Pahang and Sabah, the state leaders (Fuziah Salleh and Christina Liew Chin Jin) did not get the majority of the support from their respective state division chiefs, until they were summoned to meet party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“They then shifted their support to the state heads,” she said.

The outspoken lawyer also pointed out that the state leaders for Johor (Hassan Abdul Karim), Negeri Sembilan (Aminuddin Harun), and Selangor (Amirudin Shari), were chosen although the majority of the division chiefs supported different candidates.

“I have copies of written memorandums of the state division chiefs supporting candidates who were inexplicably not appointed,” she claimed.

Latheefa noted that Anwar, as the party president, is given the power to choose the respective state chief in consultation with the division chiefs and that “it is highly unusual and contrary to the spirit of the party constitution for the President to ignore the majority preference.”

Latheefa also pointed out that the appointment of Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah as the chairperson for Penang was highly inappropriate and open to the charge of nepotism.

However, Nurul Izzah had on Monday (Dec 17) relinquished this position as well as her party vice-president post.

Latheefa noted that after the party’s “scandal-ridden” election process, these appointments only further erode public regard and confidence in PKR.

“PKR cannot preach democracy to the country, whilst continuing to run the party on the basis of coteries or factions, and ignoring basic democratic norms.

“It is imperative for PKR to explain to the public these dubious and disturbing appointments,” she added.