Selangor DAP grassroots kowtim Tony Pua

Eric See-To informed us (and not denied by TP) TP’s Cybervillage in Sing suffered six straight years of continued losses from 2002 to 2007, whereafter he packed his bags, left Singapore for Selangor and joined DAP to bless the party with ‘his technical expertise on financial matters’, wakakaka.

KTemoc Konsiders

There is a racist belief that the CinaBengs and CinaPeks in DAP Selangor, have ousted Tony Pua because they couldn’t stand his alleged ‘inclusiveness’ for Malays.

Ho-hum, so what’s new, you may ask, as that would be the ‘same old same old’ racism, non-Cina, Malays, CinaBengs, Chinese-centric DAP, etc etc etc?

Well, what’s new is that the trouble lies within DAP itself or more specifically DAP Selangor.

But I am sad, wakakaka, to announce to those who have alleged so, is that the result for the top 15 leaders elected by the party also consists of 2 Indians among the CinaBengs.

Fifth in place has been V Ganabatirau with 429 votes (top of list is Ng Sze Han with 491 votes), whilst our redoubtable Gobind, son of DAP icon the late Karpal came out 9th with 393 votes. By contrast, Tony Pua was in 19th posiiton with 292 votes.

A re-iteration, Ganabatirau and Gobind emerged from the state party elections as 5th and 9th, and not as you detractors would have loved to see, 14th and 15th, wakakaka.

And to really eff those racial allegations-accusations, the top 15 voted for Gobind to be the Chair of DAP Selangor. Eff those racist anti-CinaBengs-&-anti-Hawker type members. Yes, the critics of the winning team (and thus pro-Tony Pua) are ‘snobs’, sneering at members that are ‘hawker’ type.

The reason for Tony Pua’s ouster has been his loss of popularity or standing within the state of Selangor after a few years where the DAP members witnessed his aloof inner-coterie style of management.

The Chinese Press has already warned of Tony Pua’s ‘detachment’ from the DAP state grassroots – yes, ‘grassroots’ that one of my blog’s visitors sneered at as less-academically qualified rivals of (presumably) Tony Pua.

He said those ‘rivals’ couldn’t compete on academic methodologies due to their (lack of) qualifications (presumably of low class ‘hawker’ type or/and CinaBeng type).

And while both groups from clique (not clichés as he incorrectly put it), the 自鸣清高 (from online google dic: “self-sounding”) technocrats of Tony Pua’s group have no time to play party politics whilst the other rival group, who arose from the party’s rank & file have the upper political hand by their party politicking.

In that, my visitor also unwittingly admitted Tony Pua had been a Tokong Brigade parachutist, wakakaka.

By the by, the more correct DAP man to be identified as chiefly responsible for his ‘inclusiveness’ of Malays in the party is Liew Chin Tong, the party’s chief strategist, and not some pretender-to-the-title.