Ibrahim Ali: Undermine Malay institutions and Perkasa will ‘run amok’

(MMO) – Perkasa is willing to take the law into its own hands and mount a street uprising if swift action to safeguard Malay institutions is not forthcoming, the group’s founder and president Datuk Ibrahim Ali said today.

A former deputy minister, Ibrahim said his group, which touts itself as championing Malay rights, has supporters whose patience are wearing thin in the face of threats to the Malay institutions, which he further claimed pointed to a plot to subvert Malay political power.

“The Malays have lost their patience,” Ibrahim told an estimated 100 supporters gathered outside The Regency hotel in the capital city’s Malay heartland here where Perkasa is to hold its ninth annual general assembly later today.

“Today is just the first round. After this, we will no longer be silent and Perkasa will run amok all over the country,” he added.

It was unclear who or what Ibrahim was directing his warning to.

Instead, he alluded to several incidents, speaking about the riots that broke out at a Hindu temple in Subang Jaya, Selangor last week, and a proposal for the government to ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) as examples of an attempt to undermine Malay culture or polity.

“When Adam was assaulted, we can still remain silent,” Ibrahim said in an erroneous reference to Muhammad Adib Muhd Kassim, the fireman who was critically injured during the Subang riots last Tuesday.

“What if the one that was hurt was a Muthu? Ah Chong? There would have been an outburst. Yet, when Adam was hurt, Malays remained very patient.

“I say enough with being patient. Enough that we are law-abiding when other races can easily transgress,” he added.