Violence over temple nothing to do with us, says developer

(FMT) – The developer which owns the plot of land where the Sri Maha Mariamman temple is sitting has rubbished a claim that it was behind the violence early this morning, as alleged by a faction in the temple who has been resisting a court judgment to relocate.

“We have done all we can to ensure a most peaceful resolution including delaying the relocation of the temple several times.

“We condemn any acts of violence and allegations or insinuations that we would resort to such despicable acts,” One City said in a statement.

It said suggestions that the developer had a hand in the rowdy protests in Seafield this morning were “malicious lies”, adding that the temple relocation issue was already settled through a lengthy legal process with agreement from all parties including the temple management.

The relocation was initially supported by two claimants to the temple management, K Chellappa and M Nagaraju. Chellappa was eventually declared the rightful temple manager in a separate court ruling.

Nagaraju meanwhile made an about-turn and has joined hands with Hindu activists to oppose the temple relocation, despite compensation and a new plot of land offered by One City.

Police said two men were detained following the incident, where 18 cars and two motorcycles were torched.

A group of Hindu devotees opposed to the temple’s relocation today said the temple was damaged and its members physically assaulted.

Meanwhile, One City warned of legal action against those who accuse the company of being involved in the violence.

“We reserve our right to take legal action against those who made or continue to make baseless allegations that we orchestrated this morning’s incident or are using unlawful means to relocate the temple, which are totally untrue.”