3rd national car to roll out by 2020, says minister

(FMT) – The new national car project is expected to roll out it first model before 2020, says Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof.

He said the semi-autonomous car was planned for entry into the global market and would cater to the demand from young people.

“We are now short-listing two to three partners to participate in this project, including Silterra and CTRM, and expect (the selection) to be concluded by year-end.

“The prototype for this (car) model is expected to be ready by early next year,” he told reporters at a media briefing on the new national car project here today.

Redzuan said the project would be fully funded by the private sector with the help of several government ministries.

When asked whether the project was feasible given the short time for completion, Redzuan said it would utilise the latest technology.

“This new car will use 100% disruptive technology and not follow conventional car manufacturing (methods),” he said.

Also present at the briefing was Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) president and CEO Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman.

Yusoff said the project was completely new and different from the previous national car project as it embraced Industry 4.0.

He said the group’s role was to emphasise the importance of having a new car that would help spur development.

“Besides that, MIGHT is also mandated with the task of coordinating with various ministries, agencies and the industry, as well as the academia to make the project a success,” he said.