Gopal Raj Kumar

Raja Petra Kamarudin has every right to publish what he has published in regards to his allegations about the PDRM and their search of DS Najib Razak’s residence resulting in a haul of over MYR 100 million in banknotes.

Amar Singh appears to be uber sensitive to the comments by Raja Petra which is uncalled for. Amar Singh has no right to feel slighted because the entire anti-Najib-anti-UMNO battle involves race, racial vilification and religion. And Amar has become a willing participant in all of it.

If Amar had that “Grit” or whatever rhymes with it, then as a Sikh (an Indian Malaysian), a policeman and a professional, he ought to have taken the necessary precautions by having an independent group of observers (preferably a group of lawyers or accountants – if you could find any honourable ones left) during the search.

With the level of suspicion levelled at the PDRM over the past decade, at least Amar Singh ought to have known, or at the very least suspected, an outcome such as this. An allegation would have arisen about the quantity of money claimed to have been discovered, taken and produced after the search.

Amar Singh has no excuse. As for the myths about Sikh loyalty, bravery and integrity, that myth was rubbed in the dirt in Sri Lanka in the war against the Tamil Tigers where many of the Sikhs of the Indian Army PKF ran from armed 14-year-olds in the 1980’s. I was then in a team of journalists who visited Jaffna and elephant pass then and observed the “bravery” of the Sikhs then.

Secondly and more importantly, the murder of their charge the former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by Beant SIngh and Satwant Singh (two Sikhs trained by Pakistani ISI) demolished the other myth of Sikh loyalty.

Back to this matter. Amar Singh failed to do what a properly trained and half intelligent police commander would have done. Identify, document and corroborate the records of the search because of the controversy surrounding it. He served like the lap dog he accuses Raja Petra Kamarudin of being. I don’t have to agree with everything RPK says, writes about or opines. But his comments about the Sikhs and the Indians of Malaysia leave  a lot to be desired as far as integrity is concerned.

Now watch Yahoo delete this comment. And Amar Singh sides with them.