Umno may end up with less seats than PAS

Buying over Umno people is as simple as finding a ladyboy in Soi Cowboy. Buying over PAS people, however, is like trying to find a virgin bargirl in Patpong.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

(TMI) – It is illogical for Umno, which has more MPs, to crawl to PAS for help, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said in response to the heated debate over whether the two parties should form a political cooperation. Umno should not be looking for a tie-up with PAS but instead work towards strengthening itself, said Ku Li.


Umno may have won 54 seats in GE14 compared to only 18 for PAS. But with the defections going on, in the end Umno may be left with less seats than PAS.

Umno people cannot stand being in the opposition. People like Khairy Jamaluddin would have joined PKR 20 years ago instead of joining Umno if he wanted to be in the opposition. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was Anwar Ibrahim’s left-hand-man but he remained in Umno when other left-hand-men such as Ezam Mohd Nor and Azmin Ali left Umno to join the opposition.

The Umno people want to be back in the government by hook or by crook and Mahathir and Anwar know this

People like Zahid, Khairy and many other Umno leaders want to walk in the corridors of power and not shout, rant and rave in the opposition aisle like mad dogs. People like those from DAP can do that. In fact, they are still doing that in spite of now being in the government. These DAP people just cannot get this shouting, ranting and raving like mad dogs out of their system.

So Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah should wait a bit longer before boasting about Umno having more seats than PAS. That may not be for long if what Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad are planning succeeds. We will have to wait until the PKR party elections and the Port Dickson by-election are over before Anwar and Mahathir make their next move.

Buying over PAS people is like trying to find a virgin bargirl in Patpong

Buying over Umno people is as simple as finding a ladyboy in Soi Cowboy. Buying over PAS people, however, is like trying to find a virgin bargirl in Patpong.

Anyway, in terms of seats, Umno may have won more than PAS. But in terms of votes, Umno won 2.5 million votes versus PAS, PKR and DAP that all won two million votes each.

Yes, PAS, PKR and DAP all won two million votes each. But PAS won 18 seats while PKR and DAP won 47 and 42 seats each respectively.

PAS may not have the seats but it certainly has the votes

Let me run that by you again.

Umno: 2.5 million votes 54 seats

PAS: 2 million votes 18 seats

PKR: 2 million votes 47 seats

DAP: 2 million votes 42 seats

Now, why is that? Well, that is called gerrymandering and once the new EC Chairman, Art Harun, reforms Malaysia’s electoral system, we are going to see a fairer and more equitable one-man-one-vote system.

So, Umno, PKR and DAP can boast about their seats. But let us talk about votes. In terms of votes, PAS, PKR and DAP are the same size while Umno is just slightly bigger. And Umno ‘seats’ can defect, as can PKR ‘seats’ as well, while PAS ‘seats’ never defect — as previous elections have proven — even when PAS holds on to the government with only one or two seats. Umno just could not get those one or two ‘seats’ to defect for any amount of money.

Once Pakatan Harapan proves it cannot deliver what it promises and Umno continues with its downward slide, more Malays-Muslims will defect to PAS and even Kedah and Perak will risk falling to PAS