PAS rejects UEC, wants Bahasa Malaysia upheld as official language

(FMT) – PAS has urged the federal government not to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) as a qualification for admission into public universities and the public sector.

The motion, which was proposed by the PAS ulama wing, said it was important for Bahasa Malaysia to be upheld as the official language.

“The PAS ulama wing is demanding the federal government rejects the UEC as a form of admission into public universities and the public service.

“We also invite educationists, language experts, culture activists and non-governmental organisations to unite in this matter and object to the proposal to recognise the UEC,” the motion presented at the Islamist party’s 64th general assembly stated.

Prior to the 14th general election, the Pakatan Harapan government had promised to recognise the UEC for admission into local universities.

Last month, Education Minister Maszlee Malik said his ministry would have five years to decide whether to recognise the UEC and this would be done a thorough review.

Since 1975, UEC has been the standardised test for Chinese independent high school students, and is organised by the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia, or popularly known as the Dong Zong.

It is based on a curriculum developed by the Dong Zong.

On a separate matter, PAS said it would leave it to the Syura Council to decide on its cooperation with other opposition parties.