Disagree with public caning? Push for state law changes, says Khalid Samad

(MMO) – Anyone who disagrees with state laws enabling public caning of Muslim offenders should push for the laws to be changed in the state legislative assemblies, Parti Amanah Negara communications director Khalid Samad said today.

Asked for Amanah’s stand on the public caning of a Muslim lesbian couple in Terengganu over a Shariah offence on Monday, Khalid noted that laws relating to religion in Malaysia are passed in the individual state lawmaking bodies in each state.

He added: “We have to respect the law.”

Khalid said the debate to stop public canings should be done through the state legislative bodies to be brought by state lawmakers.

“I would suggest people who don’t agree with the law, specifically those people in Terengganu, should take it up with their ADUN and ask for move to bring about amendment, for it to be modified so the caning is not being done in public.

“Let the debate carry on in DUN where it should,” he told reporters, referring to state assemblymen and the legislative assemblies respectively.