The day the AG screwed himself, and Guan Eng, in the process

The People’s Parliament

When Guan Eng was charged in 2016 by the MACC with abusing his position as chief minister in approving a land deal as well as purchasing a bungalow at below market price, most of us were convinced that he was going to get screwed by the system.

I was convinced that the unholy trinity of the MACC, the AG’s Chambers and the courts, all under the thumb of the UMNO/BN government, would see Guan Eng convicted and jailed well before the 14th GE.

Pending his conviction, UMNO/BN would, and in fact, did, go to town with his being charged in court, milking this to the maximum.

Recalling the number of people who asked my thoughts on the charge and if there was any basis for the same, it cannot be said that it had no impact on Guan Eng, perception-wise.

Then the 14th GE happened.

Out went the old MACC, and in came a new MACC.

And a new AG.

And, we hope, a judiciary that will abide by its oath of office.

We were all comforted that Guan Eng would not have to face a kangaroo court.

When the case last came up before this morning, it was postponed at the request of the prosecution.


The new AG’s Chambers would be studying the case.

They would come to court on the next day to inform the court that understood its oath of office that the charges were totally baseless, frivolous and trumped up and, for that reason, they were withdrawing the charges, and ask for the charges to be withdrawn and the accused persons acquitted.

The court which we hope understands its oath of office would take note of this, and acquit both accused.

And the new MACC would issue a statement later to concur with the views of the new AG.

This did not happen in court today.

Based on news reports, the prosecution only requested that the 2 accused be discharged on the charges, without being acquitted.

The reasons?

Nothing from the reports to indicate if the new AG proffered any reasons.

Then, quite bizarrely, the court which we hope understands its oath of office decide to acquit rather than, as requested by the prosecution, order a discharge not amounting to an acquittal.

Things then got even more curious.