Mahathir, get lost. You’re a bloody lying weasel who’s not fit to be my Prime Minister


Following are reasons why Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a lying weasel of a Prime Minister who should step down immediately if we hope to save Malaysia from further destruction:

1. According to SCMP (see news item below), Mahathir “demurred” on whether there had been “resolutions on his plans to cancel controversial Beijing-backed infrastructure projects after meetings with top Chinese leaders as he repeatedly slammed his predecessor Najib Razak’s “stupidity” for endorsing the deals in the first place.”

2. The fact is, the Chinese government more or less gave him the finger by not honouring him with the same 19-gun salute Najib was given upon the latter’s arrival at the grounds of the Great Hall of the People in 2016.

3. Prior to Mahathir’s visit, he had the cheek to warn China against militarising the South China Sea without so much as discussing the matter first with the Chinese government in the spirit of diplomacy.

4. Ever since becoming Prime Minister, he consistently accused the northern republic of engaging in shoddy business deals with the Najib administration without once adducing the evidence to show for it.

5. When asked how he knew the deals were shoddy, all he had to say was that “someone told me so.”

6. His administration went so far as to accuse China-state owned companies of laundering money, the proceeds of which he alleged was used to pay 1MDB related debts.