‘Rafizi, remember when Invoke predicted PAS wouldn’t win a single seat?’

Rafizi had predicted PAS would win zero state and parliament seats in GE14 but it ended up winning 108 seats instead

(FMT) – A PKR leader has rubbished vice-president Rafizi Ramli’s claim on the accuracy of a survey conducted by his Invoke research outfit in the run-up to the May 9 polls.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Invoke had wrongly predicted how many seats PAS would win in the 14th general election (GE14).

“His survey got it really wrong. He said PAS would not win even a single seat,” the source told FMT.

The Islamist party won 18 parliamentary seats and 90 state seats in GE14.

In March, the Invoke founder had predicted that PAS would lose every parliamentary and state seat it intended to contest, even in its stronghold of Kelantan.

The source said PAS was now stronger and had taken advantage of Umno’s weaknesses, which Rafizi failed to see.

Yesterday, Rafizi said Invoke had correctly predicted that PKR would come out tops in three-cornered fights in GE14 between PAS and Barisan Nasional.

Rafizi said he had managed to convince the party leadership to go for three-cornered fights, even though several leaders were keen to avoid competing with PAS and wanted to work with the Islamist party.

The former Pandan MP, who is gunning for the post of deputy president in the coming PKR election, said this when defending his use of telephone surveys in his campaign to call voters.

He was responding to reports that Selangor PKR communications chief Nor Hizwan Ahmad had claimed that a phone survey on the party elections violated the Personal Data Protection Act 2016, which prevents the use of personal information without consent.