Sg Kandis by-election: Selangor PKR Youth secretary resigns, cites ‘cronyism culture’ in party leadership

Political appointments were given to those who show loyalty to certain leaders and not based on merits.

(The Star) – Selangor PKR Youth secretary Syed Badli Shah Syed Osman has resigned from the party citing “death” of democracy in Selangor PKR as the reason, just a week before the Sungai Kandis by-election.

On Friday (July 27), Syed Badli said he was unhappy with the alleged nepotism and cronyism culture among some Selangor PKR leaders.

“I condemn the attitudes of a handful of Selangor PKR leaders who have used political appointments as part of their efforts to solidify their influence and power,” he said without naming anyone.

He said it was obvious that political appointments were given to those who show loyalty to certain leaders and not based on merits.

“In the appointment of committee members, qualifications, abilities, experience and contributions to the party struggle should be important criteria, but what has happened is the opposite,” he added.

Syed Badli said the party hierarchy is no longer respected and those who disagree with the leaders are sidelined.

“The foundation of Reformasi and justice are lost… the tegur-menegur culture (keeping each other in check) is no longer thriving in Selangor PKR due to the arrogance of a handful of state leaders,” he said.

“They are more fond of members who are submissive and obedient and do not make any contradictory opinions,” he added.

Syed Badli Shah called on the party’s leadership to intervene in the issue of political appointments in Selangor.

When contacted, the PKR-led state government denied Syed Badli’s allegations, adding that the party’s political appointments are carried out in a transparent manner.

Fareed Ashaaree, press secretary to Selangor Mentri Besar Amirudin Shari, said the process of political appointments go through a committee which considers the recommendations and opinions of all relevant parties involved.

“The whole process in the political appointments is very democratic as it involves all relevant parties from the party officials to the MPs and ADUNs,” he said, adding that Syed Badli is entitled to his own opinion.

Fareed said they will leave it to the PKR leadership to decide whether to investigate Syed Badli’s claims but is not worried that the resignation would affect the Sungai Kandis by-election.

“The whole election machinery with Pakatan Harapan and PKR is very united, we are working hard to ensure Sungai Kandis is retained and achieved with greater mandate from the people,” he said.

Pakatan’s Zawawi Ahmad Mughni will face Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Lokman Noor Adam and independent candidate Murthi Krishnasamy in the Sungai Kandis by-election on Aug 4.

The Sungai Kandis by-election was called after PKR’s incumbent assemblyman Mat Shuhaimi Shafiei passed away on July 2 due to lymphoma cancer.