‘Legal welfare’ of Muslims under threat with non-Muslims in charge, PAS claims

The legal rights of Muslims are now under threat following the appointments of non-Muslims into top legal positions in the country, PAS has said.

(MMO) – PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan questioned the Pakatan Harapan  government’s rationale in appointing non-Muslims for the posts of the Attorney General, Chief Justice, and Minister in the Prime Minister’s office in charge of legal affairs.

“Now it is complete, the triumvirate of the legal sectors and judiciary are being helmed by  figures that worries the Muslim community. 

“Since these three positions are held by worrying figures, what hope is there to look forward to in the sense of the legal welfare for the Muslims in the country,” he said in a statement.

This comes as Tan Sri Richard Malanjum was sworn in as the Chief Justice at the Istana Negara last night.

Richard will assume the role following the departure of Tun Mod Raus Sharif, who is set to retire on July 31.

Nasruddin said that Richard’s decisions as a judge in past cases were “worrying” as they seemed to be biased against Muslims.

But he did not elaborate this assertion or back it up with facts.

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