Kit Siang wants 2nd PAC probe on 1MDB

(Sun Daily) – The new Public Accounts Committee (PAC) should conduct a fuller and comprehensive investigation into the 1MDB scandal and submit its report within 12 months, Lim Kit Siang said today.

The DAP adviser said the PAC of the 13th Parliament had committed one of Parliament’s greatest national disservice in six decades in allowing its 1MDB report to be distorted as exonerating the then prime minister-cum-finance minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, from any wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal.

He urged the14th Parliament to make amends for the failure, abdication of responsibility and national disservice of the 13th Parliament, by directing the new PAC to conduct the investigation.

“Instead of unearthing the criminality and monstrosity of the 1MDB scandal, the PAC of the 13th Parliament sought to do a cover-up of the 1MDB scandal,” Lim said in a statement today.

“It refused to conduct a fuller and more comprehensive investigation when the US Department of Justice (DoJ) kleptocratic litigation suit in July 2016 to forfeit overt US$1 billion of 1MDB-linked assets made public a mountain of new information and evidence about the 1MDB scandal, which was not available when the PAC concluded its 1MDB investigations and submitted its report to Parliament in April 2016.”

The MP for Iskandar Puteri said the 13th Parliament Speaker, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia owes the country and all Malaysians a public apology for the 13th Parliament’s failure to do anything to clear or purge Malaysia of the infamy, ignominy and iniquity of being regarded worldwide as a global kleptocracy.

He said this is because of his aiding and abetting Najib to virtually ban questions or debate on the 1MDB scandal in the 13th Parliament.

“Najib should be summoned to appear before the PAC which should be directed to conduct a full and comprehensive investigation into the 1MDB scandal when 14th Parliament meets later this month,” Lim said.

“The 14th Parliament, which is to meet on July 16, must have as one of its priorities the purging of the infamy of the 13th Parliament in failing to defend Malaysia’s international reputation for being regarded as a global kleptocracy.”

Najib, who is the MP for Pekan, should be summoned to appear to testify before the PAC for a “tell all” testimony on the 1MDB scandal, Lim added.