Nga Kor Ming dropped and Guan Eng cried

Ahli DAP

Why is the Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad being so unfair to DAP?

Yes, he made Lim Guan Eng the finance minister but the power to make economic policies have been given to the unconstitutional Council of Elders.

Worse is when all the most important GLCs and agencies such as Tabung Haji, PNB, Petronas, FELDA, etc., that was previously under the control of the Finance Minister has been taken out and put under Azmin Ali’s Economic Ministry.

These two moves have rendered Guan Eng as just a book-keeper.

To make things even worse, Guan Eng also revealed that it was Tun Mahathir who ordered Guan Eng to do all these exposes and statements that has spooked the financial markets. Many Chinese businessmen and ordinary folks now blame Guan Eng for the financial outflows and falls in our Ringgit and our share market.

Lim Guan Eng: do you want to to lie about the country going bankrupt?

Guan Eng is also now blamed by the Malays for the removal of those top Malay from the GLCs. These are the idols and leaders whom the kampung Malays look up to as these people rose from humble beginnings to reach the top of their profession and had inspired an entire generation.

You can imagine the Malay anger if hundreds of Malays who were idolized is perceived to be forcibly removed by the Finance Minister Guan Eng.

It was also reported that Guan Eng cried when Tun Mahathir told him that Nga Kor Ming will not be made a Minister or even a Deputy Minister despite Guan Eng making a very public promise to Nga and the Teluk Intan voters that Nga would be made a Minister if he had won in GE14 because Nga is “racist”.

How is Guan Eng going to face the public and his DAP supporters now?

DAP does not deserve to be treated this way it contributed 42 seats in GE14  making it the second-biggest PH party in Parliament after PKR with 50 seats.while it was the DAP supporters were the ones who tipped the balance in the other PKR, Amanah and Pribumi seats.