Now Malaysia will REALLY go bankrupt as Pakatan keeps saying


The Mat Salleh pulled another RM238.85 million out of our share market today – Monday 18 June 2018.

Due to the falls in our Bursa where it is now the 28 consecutive days of foreigners pulling out money from our shares since GE14, the top 10 companies that EPF invests in has lost a combined RM55 billion in value.

These 10 companies alone out of the dozens invested by EPF has already cost EPF RM6.1 billion in losses as reported by The Edge today:

These companies are Cahaya Mata Sarawak, MRCB, IJM, Gamuda,  Maybank, CIMB, Axiata, Telekom and TNB.

Remember that this is just 10 companies and our Bursa has a total of 894 listed companies and you can imagine the amount of devastation that can easily be RM200 billion in value destroyed.

So, EPF has easily lost tens of billions. What about Khazanah, ASN/ASB, Tabung Haji, KWAP, Amanahraya and the rest?

What about the ordinary folks who invested directly in the stock market or those who bought unit trusts?

This is what happens when our new PH government continues with politicking and political attacks with their populist policies, political statements as well as lying about our national debt.

They politicking to continue attacking Najib/BN and we are the ones suffering.

It has come to a stage that whenever our PM, Finance Minister and our Economic Minister opens their mouth, our financial markets fall and people lose money.

And they have not stopped. Our new Economics Minister Azmin Ali just told the UK’s financial times that Malaysia is a bankrupt country!

Yes, our minister officially in charge of our economy just told one of the most reputable financial media in the world that his country is bankrupt.

Which foreigner in their right minds would still want to keep their money here in Malaysia or put in money here?