When Pakatan cannot explain, they lie


Three examples that proves our new govt is still not transparent enough.

1. Second Proton.

Lim Guan Eng just defended Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s decision to have a second Proton. Guan Eng says it is a worthwhile idea but the money will not come from the government but from private sectors.

But who in the private sector would invest in this highly capital intensive and highly competitive sector in a small market like Malaysia if there is no guarantee of major incentives or protectionism from the government?

While it may turn out to be true that no direct government funds will be used, it is likely that our GLC funds and government banks like EPF, PNB, Bank Pembangunan, Bank Rakyat will be asked to take a stake or fund them.

This will be like the ERL which has consistently lost money since the start. In name, it is a private project of YTL, but it was Tabung Haji and our Bank Pembangunan that ended up picking up the tab for the funding.

When announcing the second proton in Japan, Mahathir also said that protectionism is necessary and justified for a small country like Mahathir. Therefore, it is highly likely that all car duties will again be increased back after being reduced by Najib’s government.

Again, it may not be the government who is funding the second Proton but the rakyat through higher car prices and the correspondingly higher car finance payments. Economists have said that Proton ended up costing ordinary Malaysians up to RM350 billion in losses over the decades so the Rakyat should be prepared to sacrifice again for our national pride to have a car company.

2. Haj pilgrims were sponsored by stolen money from 1MDB.

Mahathir again said this last week when he announced that there will be no more sponsorship for Haj pilgrimage for poor people as the money comes from “haram” stolen money.

If Malaysians were not “uneducated” like what Mahathir claimed recently when he wanted to be education minister, many would already know this is claim is utterly illogical.

Consider this. Mahathir claims money was stolen from 1MDB but the haj sponsorship was paid directly by 1MDB.

So, is 1MDB stealing money from 1MDB so that 1MDB can sponsor haj pilgrims?

3. Our Agriculture minister says that meat and vegetable prices have fallen by 30% to 50% since GST was reduced to 0%.

I do not even want to explain too much about this ridiculous claim. Any ordinary Malaysian who actually goes to the market or the supermarkets will know that this is simply untrue.

In fact, a separate report from their own agriculture ministry had said that meat prices have actually increased (but tomato prices fell slightly) instead where the same agriculture minister had said that it was greedy traders who are pushing up the prices then

There is no need to enter into lengthy arguments that GST was never levied on raw meat or vegetables or that GST may also have contributed to the higher cost of production or transportation.

This claim from our agriculture minister that prices have fallen 30% to 50% is simply not true.

_This is why we need an effective opposition to continue voicing out and point out the government should not simply lie to us even though many Malaysians are still excited about our new government_