Pakatan Harapan attack dog Hussein Hamid slanders the Rulers

Hussein Hamid continues the lie started by the now disgraced Kadir Jasin that the Agong cost taxpayers RM250 million over 16 months. He also continues the lie that a previous Agong murdered a golf caddy although the so-called caddy’s family denied the lie.


Raja Petra Kamarudin



cakap cakap : our King behaving badly…again!!!

Hussein Abdul Hamid

Saturday, June 9, 2018

We have had one King father an illegitimate daughter while he was King. Another King killed a caddy who annoyed him while playing golf. What are the other shenanigans these Mr King get up to during their stints as our Kings? It has been quite a while since we last heard anything good or bad about our Kings.

The last time we were privy to what was being spent on the Royals and what these Sultans were up to was way back in 1983 when Daulat Tuanku became Daulat Rakyat. Now Saudara Kadir Jasin tells us that a quarter of a billion ringgit – RM250,000,000.00 –  has been spent on the present Mr King in 16 months !!!

WTF has it been spent on? Not in facilitating his sex life I hope….but that would be a forlorn hope given what Mr King has been up to since he became Mr King. He is officially not married but the Malaysian government uses our money to pay for the upkeep of a St Regis Suite in Singapore. What the hell for? To keep a mistress there? A wife? Or does he uses that Suite to screw who ever it is that he is screwing now? I am not to sure if he has a Russian or Ukraine women/wife/mistress to screw around with when he is in that Suite, but he sure is screwing someone!!!

Now here is the thing about all this! The Hotel is in Singapore. Every time Mr King goes to Singapore he has to pass through Malaysian Immigration, Singapore Immigration and all the other people who makes it possible for Mr King to arrive at the St Regis Hotel. When he enters by the front lobby, the hotel customers sees him. The hotel staff sees him….and all these people…from immigration officers and everyone else who sees him now knows that he is going to his St Regis Suite in Singapore!  To do what?

Not to discuss matters of state. Not to relax and go sight seeing or go visit the Singapore Zoo. He goes there to meet up with his wife/girlfriend/mistress…strike out which one you think is irrelevant…and you and I know what he is up too during his stay there !!! Nudge nudge wink wink. He is having a dirty weekend. So all this people know what he is up too….and he is doing all this on OUR money….because he is OUR King…and we as the Rakyat of Malaysia do not think it is a laughing matter to know that people know that OUR king is going to Singapore for a dirty weekend !!!

Now a minor detail about that St Regis Hotel in Singapore. It  belongs to Peter Sandakh. Sounds familiar?

It’s been slightly more than a year since the controversial purchase of PT Eagle High Plantation by Felda from Chinese Indonesian tycoon Peter Sondakh’s Rajawali Group. Felda, via its special purpose vehicle FIC Properties Sdn Bhd had acquired 37% of the shares of Eagle High for approximately USD500 million, paying approximately IDR580 per share, at an extremely high premium of 95% to its closing share price at the point of acquisition. A due diligence report prepared in relation to the Eagle High acquisition by KPMG and sighted by IPOM clearly detailed numerous concerns/improprieties within Eagle High, amongst others, cash flow problems, inflated acquisition price of Eagle High, non-compliance with laws and regulations, excessive borrowings and excessive amounts which are due for repayment to the banks and tax evasion. The report also detailed intercompany interest free advances amounting to USD26 million – the repayment of which will not forthcoming according to the Management of Eagle High. The deal was slammed by critics and experts due to it being overpriced and also due to the state of affairs within Eagle High. However, due to the powers that be in Malaysia, the deal went through. Government funds were used to finance the deal which many saw as a bailout for Peter Sondakh, an Indonesian businessman with strong political ties in Malaysia.

Double jeopardy for Malaysians…or should I say double insults! Not only has this Peter Sondakh made USD500 million from Felda but he is also making money of our government who is paying for our King’s suite at Peter’s St Regis Hotel. Aiyah Mr King, so now even this Peter Sonadakh must know what you are up to in his hotel!

Now tell me Mr King…who pays for that Suite in St Regis…who pays for your fly in fly out “love you long time’ visits to Singapore? You must have those “love you long time” urges quite often because you could not even stay a few days when YOUR country was having an election !!! I know technically Singapore is considered “overseas”…but all things considered…your fly in and fly out is just for sex…is it not?

Maybe Najib Razak looked the other way and saw your “overseas” visits as being part of your official duties to strengthen our ties with Singapore. Whatever lah Mr King…well in case you have not notices…there is a new Prime Minister in town, a new government in Putrajaya and we the rakyat now demands accountability for every single cents spent by this Pakatan Harapan government….and spending RM64K a month on renting a suite in St Regis Suite in Singapore to enable you to have your “whopee time” is a “no no !!!”.

You also must be looking for a Mrs King that is acceptable to protocol so that this country can have a Permaisuri Agong. Now how much more will that add to your living expenses? And are you going to find a suitable Mrs King who will put up with your visit to Singapore too? If she does then I take of my hat to you Mr King….you are one hell of a guy !!! Wooha…between your Palace in K Hell, hotel suites in Kuala Lumpur, hotel suites in Singapore and the Permaisuri Agong, where the hell do you find the time to put in some Kingly duties?

Just a reminder to you Mr King.

You better go sow your wild oats as much as you want while you can. I have a feeling that you will soon be having to pay for that hotel suite in St Regis in Singapore yourself. That goes for any other hotel suite anywhere else where you go for your naughty deeds. Yes Mr King so far it has all been fun and games for you since you became king when Najib Razak was your prime minister.

Now it will be Tun Dr Mahathir who is the Prime Minister. And Mr King, let me correct some misconceptions that you may still have. Tun Dr Mahathir is NOT your Prime Minister. He is OUR prime minister and YOUR living expenses will have to be approved by his/our government. Those living expenses will have to be tabled and approved by Parliament where OUR elected representatives sits….so Mr King I suggest you do a bit of thinking. Think about transparency, Think about accountability. Think about  responsibility. Soon Mr King you might even have to pay for your own condoms.

A word of advise Mr King…….you can save on condoms by using the coitus interruptus method. No need for condoms ma!!!