Selangor Ruler saddened over instigation against Malay Rulers

(The Star) – Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is saddened over the recent attacks and insults against the royal institution aimed at instigating the people to hate the Malay Rulers.

“It is truly saddening that the instigation to hate the Malay Rulers was carried out by some who were Malays themselves,’’ said Sultan Sharafuddin at a breaking of fast event with the people at the Al Falah Mosque near here on Friday.

Sultan Sharafuddin said the role of the royal Institution is to maintain and protect the position of Malays and Islam as well as other races in the country.

“I would like to emphasise that the royal Institution has a place in the constitutional monarchy system practised in this country as well as upheld in the Federal Constitution,’’ added the Ruler.

“Don’t just criticise, attack, blame and insult especially on social media, because not only will it hurt feelings, but also cast a negative effect on the people and nation’s development,’’ said the Ruler.