Is this the end of Mahathir?

The Third Force

PPBM, DAP, PAN (Amanah) and PKR are seeking to formalise their alliance by getting Pakatan Harapan registered as a single party (see news item below). But each time they try, some obstacle or other suddenly appears in their path, almost as if it were placed there by someone on purpose.

Now, if you’re thinking that these obstacles have to do with schisms within PPBM, you’re not wrong. But look further, and you’ll realise that they revolve around one man and one man only – Lim Kit Siang.

The senior Lim wants Muhyiddin Yassin removed from the post of PPBM president to weaken Mahathir’s grip of the party. Just for that, he bribed Khairuddin Abu Hassan (ex-PPBM) to turn branch and division leaders against the party president.

As a result, not only are these leaders preventing Mahathir from amending the party constitution, they are delaying the party’s AGM by deliberately stalling AGMs of their own branches and divisions (READ HERE). And that has Mahathir on the horns of a very serious dilemma.

If the former premier were to ‘squeeze’ Muhyiddin out by playing up the Nika Gee scandal, branches and divisions allied to the party president are prepared to call an EGM to determine Mahathir’s fate. If, however, Mahathir were to ‘keep’ Muhyiddin, branches and divisions allied to Khairuddin will continue to delay their AGMs and seek an EGM to remove the party president.

In the case of the former, there is no telling if Mahathir will remain party chairman or otherwise. In the case of the latter, the RoS will step in and deregister PPBM for failing to conduct its AGM. So the only option Mahathir has is to remove Muhyiddin and take his chances with the president’s supporters.

And until that happens, Kit Siang will make damn sure Pakatan Harapan never gets legitimised as a coalition by the RoS.