‘Bring back English-medium schools’

(The Star) – Eight out of 10 Johoreans want the return of English-medium government schools and a “one school for all concept”, according to a survey.

According to the survey published by ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore titled “Johor Survey 2017: Views on Identity, Education and the Johor Royal Family”, 82% of respondents supported the move to bring back English-medium schools.

The survey showed that support was strong across all demographic segments, even among Malay and rural respondents who in the past were not supportive of the policy to teach Mathematics and Science in English.

Only 18% of the respondents disagreed.

As for the “One School for All” concept, the survey concluded that there is strong support among Chinese and Indian respondents for it.

Johor Ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, in an exclusive interview with The Star sometime ago, said the level of English among the people was deteriorating and something needed to be done to stop the rot.

The Sultan felt that there was a need to have a single stream education system instead of the present three types of schools – national, Chinese and Tamil.

The survey also found that there was strong support for the Bangsa Johor concept across all demographic segments in Johor.

The findings also found the Johor Royal family to be highly respected and popular.

This was confirmed by the positive endorsements Johor’s Royal family received from all respondents on its performance.

The findings also showed respondents agreeing that the Johor Royal family was a good steward of Johor’s resources and that Sultan Ibrahim looked after the personal interests of his subjects.

The survey also pointed out that Sultan Ibrahim should intervene in politics when necessary and the Ruler was a good guardian of Islam.

However, on the matter about whether Johor royalty should refrain from business ventures, the support was slightly more than 50%.

About 2,011 respondents of various age groups above 18 years took part in the survey.