Ambiga may be next on Hadi’s list

“Assuming that Ambiga insists on keeping her mouth shut, she is liable to action pursuant to law that can be brought against her by Najib and Hadi. The Prime Minister and PAS president will be at liberty to sue her for libel, as her silence can and will be construed as a tacit approval that she was party to fabrications by Sarawak Report. So you see, unless Ambiga wants to get sued, she has no alternative but to break her silence”


On the 11th of October 2017, British national Clare Rewcastle Brown filed a Defence and Counterclaim statement at the London High Court in relation to a defamation suit brought against her by Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. The suit, filed on the 27th of April 2017 by the PAS president’s United Kingdom (UK) lawyers, pertained allegations by Sarawak Report that he was paid RM90 million in bribe money by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.

To recap, and in brief, Sarawak Report published a comment piece on the 6th of August 2016 that accused Najib of wooing Hadi away from Malaysia’s opposition coalition. According to the UK based portal, the Prime Minister accomplished this “in the normal way” by channelling RM90 million to PAS’ top echelons.” But nowhere in the article was it mentioned when the bribe was solicited or how the author came to know about it.

Not that it surprised me one bit, considering that Ms. Rewcastle spent close to three quarters of a decade carving a name for herself in the fake news hall of fame. Think of her, and the vision a spin specialist wrapping half-baked stories around fabrications and hearsay immediately comes to mind. In her books, Malaysians are suckers for conspiracy and will swallow anything that comes written in the ink of guile and persuasion.

That may help explain why she decided to take things a notch southward on the 11th of October 2017. On that day, she named Dato’ Ambiga Sreneevasan as the person who told her that Najib spent RM90 or so million to grease the palms of some PAS leaders. On the surface, it seems commendable that the Sarawak Report Chief Editor finally decided to come clean on where she got her scoops from. But read between the lines, and you will see just why she admitted to never having sighted anything to the effect that Najib did bribe Hadi RM90 million.

Yes, her Defence and Counterclaim was founded not on evidence, but on suppositions, conjectures and hearsay. Some months back, she told the London Court that she knew for a fact Najib bribed Hadi because it was the truth. But her recent filing proves that her testimony was latched solely on conviction that Ambiga’s sources –  who may not even exist – were in the know and trustworthy.

So tell me, how could Ms. Rewcastle have testified under oath that Najib channeled RM90 million to Hadi? Did she not perjure herself by telling a UK judge that her half-baked testimony was the absolute truth? More importantly, does this not go a long way to prove what I have been saying all this while, that the bulk of claims made by Sarawak Report against Najib and 1MDB are nothing but fabrications??