Mat Taib’s croak a curse on Umno, BN

Knowingly or otherwise, or possibly stupidly, he has delivered the entire Chinese and Indian votes to Pakatan in the state even before GE14 is called

Narinder Singh, Berita Daily

The monsoon season is here and chances are we will witness more leaping frogs (technically toads) crossing the roads, especially after a heavy downpour. Now, frogs are around throughout the year but rains act as attractant somehow.

Similarly, since the ‘raining season’ or rather the general election is here, we will witness political frogs jumping out of their hibernation.

One recent triple jumper is Muhammad Muhammad Taib, who has successfully completed a circuit of sorts.

From Umno to PKR, then PAS and back to Umno with a bang – as it took the Prime Minister and Umno president Najib Razak calling a press conference to celebrate the former Selangor menteri besar’s return to its folds.

Muhammad Taib’s, better known as Mat Taib – homecoming has got some Umno warlords pretty excited as they believe that it will boost the party’s and BN’s chances of wrestling Selangor back from the Pakatan Harapan pact.

The once controversial MB has a clear message to all – ensuring the Malays do not lose political power, or rather more precisely – Umno does not lose political power.

On that note he should be credited that he is not giving the usual bull rhetorics about sharing political powers with the Chinese and Indians and the ‘others’ from the Borneo states unlike his counterparts in Umno.

Going for the jugular, he did not mince his words when he said that ”I think this country is safer if politically, it is controlled by Malays.”

If that is the case, then why is Umno so hardup to have MIC and MCA as their partners? Why is Umno looking up to the political parties in Sabah and Sarawak?

It will not be wrong to deduce that Mat Taib has in essence told the other parties in BN that Umno only needs them to provide the sufficient number of seats in parliament but must remain dumb, blind, and deaf when it comes to political issues and decision making.

Mat Taib too confirms the notion among Malaysians that MIC and MCA are willing parties to be subservient to Umno in the cabinet and that all decisions are made by Umno.

Mat Taib has just made the ‘others’ in BN spectators not worthy their input for power sharing.

All the brouhahas made by MIC and MCA on issues are nothing but theatrical acts in public eye.

He has the cheek to say that ”if Umno can win all the Malay seats out of 56 state seats (in Selangor), we can form a new state government without the help of non-Malays.”

What a bloody slap to MIC and MCA in the state and national level! Should not they reprimand Umno at federal level or are they in agreement with his take?

Mat Taib’s Malay-centric call to take over Selangor and the silence from Umno leaders is nothing short of telling of the mentality of the people in the party.

Despite all the 1Malaysia slogan being churned and showcased at every event, be it social, political and sport, Umno is allowing such venom spewed by their resurrected political frog.

Instead of moving forward to become a more matured democracy, here we have bigots like Mat Taib who do not even have that two cents worth of argument in winning the hearts of voters.

The offensive mode he has taken thinking that it will bring back the Malay support to Umno in the state will backfire on Umno and BN too.

Najib is taking a huge risk in making Mat Taib the Umno spokesman of sort in Selangor.

Mat Taib, knowingly or unknowingly or possibly stupidly, has just delivered the entire Chinese and Indian votes to the Pakatan Harapan coalition in the state even before the general election is called.

For Mat Taib has also indirectly implied that non-Umno Malays are not so intelligent – another factor that will push Opposition friendly Malays further away from Umno.

Good luck to Umno and BN in capturing back Selangor with Mat Taib giving his feeble political ‘punch’.