Apandi lodges police reports against Raja Petra

(TMI) – ATTORNEY-GENERAL Mohamed Apandi Ali is fighting back against allegations of corruption after lodging police reports against blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, sources said.

Sources told The Malaysian Insight that Apandi lodged a police report in Kuantan, Pahang, on Sunday while his office lodged a second report at the Putrajaya police station on the same day.

Apandi’s office earlier lodged a report with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission in Kuantan on Friday.

“The police reports are for criminal defamation,”  the source told The Malaysian Insight.

The reports were made following two articles by Raja Petra titled Strong rumours surrounding the AG: part 1 and part 2 published in his Malaysia Today blog on Friday and Sunday.

Among the allegations that Raja Petra levelled against Apandi was that the A-G had demanded RM4 million from a Chinese businessman, identified as a “business partner” of the sultan of Johor, on a case he had won.

Raja Petra also wrote about a purported meeting in 2015 between senior judges – namely former chief justice Arifin Zakaria, Chief Justice Md Raus Shariff and Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin – with a senior politician on an alleged plot to topple the government.

Apandi denied Raja Petra’s allegations of corruption and story about how he landed the A-G’s post in the article, adding he will sue Raja Petra “till kingdom come”.

“I am seriously going to sue and am consulting my lawyer friends in the UK. This is nothing but fake news done with evil intention,”  Apandi was quoted as saying.

Raja Petra shot back in the second article when he questioned which part of his article was fake.

“Many things were said in that article so Apandi needs to clarify which part is fake if he thinks it is fake,” the blogger said.