Rafizi tertidur 3 bulan…

(LSS) – Rafizi Ramli seems to be missing from the Himpunan yesterday (and so was Azmin).

But that’s not all, there is zero mention of yesterday’s himpunan on his FB and Twitter. In fact, he did not post or tweet anything yesterday at all.

So, what’s the story here? Is it because the himpunan also collects donations and hence you do not want to help promote a competitor?

His mysterious disappearance could also be explained by the fact that in his livecast press conference about FELDA two days ago where he said he spent 48 hours without sleep to come to a conclusion that FELDA may have paid too much for a London hotel and there is possible corruption or wrong-doing.

To which, FELDA Chairman Sharir Samad then commented:

“Yang misteri sebenarnya ialah mengapa Rafizi tertidur tiga bulan tapi sanggup tak tidur 48 jam.”

Yes, Sharir pointed out that the MACC had long ago investiged and already taken action months ago where they detained and questioned several former Felda Investment Corp (FIC) top guns  and real estate agents over this purchase.

So, Rafizi missed the boat again in exposing something that the authorities already investigated AND took action and was public info months ago.

This is like his previous “expose” two months back that Felda was late in tabling its 2015 annual report  – only to later embarrassingly retract the claim when he found out that the Felda 2015 report was indeed tabled and debated in parliament – but he seems to have ponteng that session.

In any case, I think Rafizi can be partly to blame for yesterday’s dismal turn-out where it did not even meet 10% of the targeted crowd since he gave zero publicity for that event and did not even bother to turn up.