Corrupt people feeling the heat from MACC, resort to dirty tactics to tarnish the image of the graftbusters

(NST) – People who are feeling the heat from the tough stand taken by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commison to fight the problem, have resorted to dirty tactics to destroy the reputation of the graftbusters.

MACC advisory board chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim said the spread of a video linking a senior MACC officer and a woman on social media was uncalled for as it is an intrusion of a person’s private life.

“Obviously, they are starting to feel the heat and the latest video scandal has to do with the on-going effort by the commission to fight corruption in the country. I think this is really the work, from what I can gather, of the opposition. Definitely, they are scared now.

“Previously, they are the people that who were complaining about the fact that only ‘ikan bilis’ that got caught. But, now that big fishes are being caught regularly, so they are starting to feel jumpy and the heat.

“Therefore, they went as far as possible trying to destroy the MACC officer, who has done a great job,” he said when contacted today.

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He said such act of intruding the officer’s private life was unacceptable and revealed the woman concerned had just been through her divorce.

Tunku Abdul Aziz said such act of attacking someone else’s personal has become far too common in the society and is totally un-Malaysian way.

“We never used to behave as such and we never use this kind of tactic to bring someone down. What are these people are trying to do?

“Minding other people’s business and making accusation, which is really unacceptable.

“If we are really sincere in combating corruption, let him and MACC do their job. We hate corruption, so we should support him and not drag him into the mud.”

He said action should be taken against the person, who circulated the video.

“They should not be allowed to get free because this will encourage other people to employ the same tactic and destroy other people reputations. If this is how they are playing politics, then God save our country,” he said.