Netizens slam Pakatan rally-goer for being ‘disrespectful’

(The Star) – The actions of a DAP Pakatan Harapan supporter who was pictured with his foot hovering above a black ball painted with the face of a clown labelled “MO1” has angered some Facebook users.

The photo was taken at the Pakatan Harapan-organised “Love Malaysia, Anti-Kleptocracy” rally at Padang Timur here on Saturday.

In the comments section of the photo, Danny Liew said, “I have the same sentiment for corrupt politicians, not just one single politician. And he’s lucky the current PM (prime minister) isn’t really into arresting these kinds of people.

“The former PM that is there today would have initiated Langkah Kamunting without batting his eyes,” he added, in an apparent reference to former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Kamunting, the centre used to house Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees.

Prakash Bisuvalinggam criticised the man’s actions and mocked the turnout of the rally, calling it “sad” and stating that his father’s funeral saw a bigger turnout.

“Dude needs to go to North Korea,” added Prakash.

Meanwhile, netizen Ganesh Reddy said that his wedding had more attendees than the rally.

“Lies after lies after lies. The people are fed up. Until now there is no evidence for the 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters and the nationwide blackout incident that Pakatan said happened after the last general election,” added Ganesh.

This follows criticism of other acts of protesters who had been seen in photos and videos stepping on pictures of leaders at Bersih rallies in the past