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Two years ago, I mentioned that much as I have been long a supporter of the DAP, I personally do not take kindly to Tony Pua (TP), who has been considered an ace on analysing economic-financial issues on government spending and calling the relevant ministers to account, … BUT …

come back Teresa, we miss you

and we miss you even more because of that arrogant bloke standing besides you

… who in my opinion is only a young political upstart, a parvenu on the socio-cultural-political sphere, one who hasn’t quite acquired the necessary nous so vital in our Malay-dominant society to deal with Malay society, especially with the treacherous PKR, wakakaka.

Yes, TP for all his (so-called) technical expertise on financial matters was outfoxed by PKR leaders on both the exco formation during post-2013 election phase – for more on how he was outplayed by Khalid Ibrahim in the latter, read Selangor saga shows PKR’s ketuanan mentality? – and the Kajang Bull where he was outplayed by the PKR inner coterie on the art of bullshit satay grilling, wakakaka.

I will shortly comment on why I have in the above para qualified his technical expertise on financial matters as ‘so-called’, wakakaka.

Mind, in the Selangor multiple sagas, the DAP was not without its own f*up faults. The Selangor branch led by an inexperienced and at-that-time naive Tony Pua was somehow convinced into playing Chicken Little in the PKR’s Kajang Satay shindig but without any benefits for DAP.

Au contraire, the DAP was placed in an uncomfy awkward position of being confrontational with HRH – obviously TP then was not very clever at Malaysian politics to place the state DAP on disagreeable terms with HRH. Matey, we’re not quite Republicans yet, wakakaka.

Also, it embarrassed me when subsequently TP asked, nay, begged Azmin Ah Hneah (Abang) for a deputy Speaker post for DAP as a quid pro quo for supporting PKR.

WTF for, man, because that was akin to wandering into MCA, Gerakan and MIC territory of picking up f* meaningless crumbs!

Quite frankly I was damn glad, nay, grateful to Azmin Ali for once, wakakaka, that he spurned TP’s Oliver Twist-like request, and put a merciful end to my pro-DAP shame. I was sure Azmin was acutely aware that yes, the DAP might have backed PKR but t’was Wan Azizah they supported rather than Azmin himself, wakakaka again.

wtf do you want?

can i please have a deputy speaker position for my party please?

But today, reading of the public spat between TP and Gerakan’s See-To, which I have to admit was started by TP’s rather pompous hubris-tic and arrogant dismissal of a debate with the latter because, according to TP, See-To was to him a ‘nobody’, I am reminded that TP might not be so shit-hot in economic affairs as we might have believed.

See-To informed us (and not denied by TP) TP’s Cybervillage suffered six straight years of continued losses from 2002 to 2007, whereafter he packed his bags, left Singapore for Selangor and joined DAP to bless the party with his technical expertise on financial matters‘, wakakaka.

I first heard about TP and his losses in TP’s Cybervillage from blogging matey Jed Yoong years ago. Jed was an accountant who revealed in her blog TP’s losses in his dot-com business, so much for his economic-business expertise. I believed then she disliked TP for his arrogance.

I too personally had a run-in with TP via the Net but over a very small issue but in which he surprised me with his faint whiff of arrogance for a DAP politician – if TP were to ask me on this, another ‘nobody’, I’ll be quite happy to remind him.

What has perhaps been not pretty (for DAP and me) was TP treating See-To with such nasty arrogant social contempt and also his ‘mudah lupa-ness’ that See-To was once his good matey who willingly loaned RM100k to him when his business had some cash flow problem.

Malaysiakini reported:

According to See-to, he and Pua had known each other for the last 15 years, when they both ran their respective IT companies and did business with each other and worked on joint projects.

“Since he listed his company amidst the dot-com rush in 2001, Tony Pua’s Cybervillage had straight six years of continued losses from 2002 to 2007, until Tony Pua left the company and joined DAP.

“When his company got into some cash-flow issues in 2005 or 2006, before he went into politics, he called me for a loan for (sic) RM100k, and within hours, it was this ‘nobody’ who gave it to him which he then gave me this IOU letter.” […]

See-to further wrote that despite their political differences, he was one of the first to congratulate Pua when the latter was elected MP in 2008. Later, he also helped out by arranging fund-raising golf tournaments, he added.

“But I guess now he is a high-flying Member of Parliament, he can dismiss me as a nobody and no longer considers me as a friend.

“Times have changed, I guess you need to be at least a deputy minister these days before Tony Pua will layan you,” See-to said, adding he was compelled to reveal the IOU since Pua had fired the first shot. “YB Tony, you truly disappoint me. I guess fame and power has ubah (changed) you now,” he said, playing on DAP’s motto.

Thus what See-To has revealed merely confirmed what Jed Yoong informed me about ten years ago, and which I had a brief personal experience of.

TP’s arrogance has been and still is an unjustified non-virtue for him if I may say so!

His current contemptible curt arrogance towards his beneficiary, erstwhile as the latter might be, has been very un-Chinese and un-Confucian-like, and perhaps very Chinese Christian?

 As if the ‘nobody’ insult wasn’t sickeningly un-Chinese enough, TP brazenly placed on his Facebook a rude disrespectful message to See-To as follows:

“Yes, you kindly provided me with a RM100,000 10-day loan for my then-company when we faced problems with our own debtors some 12 years ago – fully repaid, yes, 12 years ago. Yes, thank you very much.

“So, because of that, you are ‘somebody’? Because of that, you are terribly ‘hurt’? Are tears rolling out too? Do you need a pacifier?”

Disgusting, disrespectful, disappointing!

The other aspect of TP I want to grumble about, wakakaka, has been his insensitivity to non-Christian Chinese Malaysians, or more precisely, their Chinese folk religion. But first, a kaytee kiddie story:

When I was a kid I accompanied my mum to the funeral of a neighbour. The deceased was a Christian so a Chinese Christian preacher was there at the graveside to say the last words for her.