Forget MIC, let Najib and Umno defend Indians

Now that the next general election is around the corner, all the sedated and comatosed Indian leaders have awakened from their hibernation.

When will the Malaysian Indian drama ever end?

After 60 years of independence the community is still radarless and without proper leaders, be it in the ruling BN or Pakatan Harapan coalition.

With a fast shrinking population of about two million people, which translate to less than 7% of Malaysians, the Indians are still practically loitering in the dark to find their bearings on the economic geography.

The various Indian leaders that hail and scream when elections come around are nothing but selfish and only look after their own backs.

The moment the general election is over, these leaders conveniently snuggle into their corners and rake in the benefits for themselves, first followed by the usual packs that have barked on their platforms.

We see the same faces resurrected for political positions in the government and party despite their non-performance for the betterment of the society; as if all other Indians are incapable and born morons that should be tapped only for their votes.

The caste system which is so ingrained in the Indian political platform stinks to the highest degree one could imagine.

MIC – the classic example of a party that has thrived on the uneducated, underprivileged, deprived and poor Indians for far too long. It has brought no advances to the the society by large.

Supposedly to be representing the community in the BN, it is baffling that little has progressed on the socio-economic front as compared to the Chinese and Malay communities.

The Chinese, whether pro-opposition or otherwise, have gone leaps and bounds on all fronts; especially in education and economy.

The Malays too have progressed rather rapidly particularly in politics and economy.

Why? Not only because the various systems had allowed them to do so but also the fact that the pool of resources have been commissioned appropriately to a certain extend.

Not to say in absolute terms but in relative comparison, the Indian community is seen as not even in the race.

The economic might the Indonesians and other foreigners that have come only recently has more clout in the country today – a situation that the Indian leaders should be ashamed of.

Now that the next general election is around the corner, all the sedated and comatosed Indian leaders have awakened from their hibernation.

Suddenly some Indians in the DAP realised that there is under representation of the community in Pakatan Harapan.

Hindraf, practically a one man show organisation that had on its own volition buried itself after aligning with BN, too now wants a share apparently to be the next force for the Indians.

Then we have minnow parties like MyPPP that need crutches from government almost forever also try to squirm its way into the race of championing the Indian agenda.

If that was not enough, then there are parties like PKR, Gerakan and NewGen Party (Mirap), which do not want to be perceived as bystanders, have also jumped the bandwagon to ‘save’ the Indians.

The bottom line is all these so-called leaders are hypocrites that are not worth the salt (vote). There is just no sincerity in their works.

For example, why only at the eleventh hour are there voices emerging in the Pakatan Harapan coalition that the Indians are being sidestepped in the top leadership?

On the same note, why only now the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) has been launched when the general election is at the doorstep?

MIC thinks it has got the magic bullet to solve the Indian dilemma but the root question is, what has it been doing to uplift the society for the past decade?

Or are they also expecting Prime Minister Najib to do all the work while they ‘makan gaji buta’?’

Anyone can tell you that the outcomes of a plan like MIB will take years to achieve fruitation, subject to it being commissioned and implemented in full transparency, corrupt free and walked through thoroughly with the best of the people from the community.

Not with the same bunch of cronies from MIC that have hardly moved an inch the past five years under the existing programmes meant and targetted for the Indians.

So, is MIB another public relation exercise of MIC to hoodwink the gullible Indians to throw their weight behind BN?

The Indian community has been conditioned far too long to be complacent with crumbs thrown in their way by the very own people that they had voted into power all these years, be it in MIC or even in Pakatan Harapan (Rakyat then).

Najib in now also known as the ‘Father of Indian Development’ – in essence sending the message that all the Indian leaders, especially in MIC, have failed miserably in uplifting the Indian community here.

This bring us to the next question: Why do we need MIC in BN when all the work has been done by an Umno leader?

MIC is becoming a liability to BN and Najib risks losing all the seats (parliamentary or state) MIC contests in the next general election.

Maybe time has come to bury MIC for good and let Umno or any Malay-based political party defend the Indian community rights.