Rafizi Ramli foot-in-mouth

(LSS) – Rafizi Ramli is now alleging that the visit by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to the White House at President Trump’s invitation is not an official visit.

However, as can be seen below is the official statement from the White House dated 23 August confirming the visit.

If it is not an official visit then why need the White House to issue official statement, YB Rafizi?

Lim Kit Siang demanded that cabinet cancels Najib’s visit to the White House while his son says President Trump is a dunggu and said he does not want to meet Trump as it will make Guan Eng stupid.

And now Rafizi is making nonsensical a accusation such as this.

Why are Pakatan so “butt-hurt” and desperate over PM Najib’s visit to the White House to meet Trump?