PKR’s Elizabeth Wong sees signs of PAS’ interest to continue negotiations

The PKR central leadership council member says the party has some leeway to hold talks with any political party that shares the same agenda to oust the Umno and BN government.

(PKR) – PAS’ demand that PKR ditches DAP and Amanah in order to resume negotiations shows the Islamist party is still interested in seeking political cooperation, said PKR central leadership council member Elizabeth Wong.

She said this showed PAS realised the need to cooperate with PKR to topple the Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

“Since they are now asking PKR to abandon DAP and Amanah, I think it is encouraging because it shows they are coming round to the idea that there is room for talks with PKR,” she told reporters at the state Budget 2018 roundtable discussions at the Shah Alam Convention Centre today.

She said PKR respected the right of any party to set conditions.

Wong was commenting on remarks by PAS Youth vice head Ahmad Fadhli Shaari that PAS would reopen the door to talks with PKR on political cooperation only if the latter left Pakatan Harapan which he claimed was led by DAP.

“The door to negotiations will be reopened on condition that PKR abandoned DAP and PAN (Amanah). PAS agrees to maintain political appointees from PKR in Kelantan with the purpose of giving them the space to reconsider,” he said.

PAS also maintains its political relations with PKR in Selangor where its leaders hold positions at various levels of the state administration.

Wong said PKR was open to talks with any party, including PAS, if it shared the same agenda of ousting the Umno and BN government.

“PKR has some leeway to hold negotiations with any political party to avoid 3-cornered fights, not only with PAS but other parties as well,” she said.

Last Wednesday, Selangor PAS deputy commissioner Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi said there was no directive from the central leadership to end negotiations with PKR.