Rafizi: Is keeping Selangor worth PKR’s soul?

(MMO) – PKR should put Datuk Seri Azmin Ali’s continued courtship of PAS to its members to decide, said Rafizi Ramli.

Commenting on the PKR deputy president’s insistence on convincing PAS to co-operate in the general election, the former secretary-general of the party said the issue was causing clear divisions in his party.

Among questions that he said must be asked were whether retaining Selangor and PKR’s seats were worth the party sacrificing its principles, whether the political reality justified such a compromise, and whether PKR has the moral standing to lead the contest against the ruling Barisan Nasional.

While he said this could usually be determined by referring to research findings, Rafizi noted that there was conflicting data on the matter.

He also said the PKR leadership appeared incapable of resolving the impasse, which has so far led a member of its political bureau to resign in protest of Azmin’s continued courtship of PAS.

“I recommend a special national congress be called soon to decide on the matter, through voting by PKR branches nationwide as provided in the party’s constitution,” he wrote on his blog today.

“Only a decision reached through the special congress will allow us to be fair to Malaysians, our Pakatan Harapan allies, and ourselves.”

Azmin is among holdouts in Pakatan Harapan who insist that PAS must be brought into the Opposition fold to prevent multi-cornered fights in the general election that may split the Opposition vote.

His position as Selangor mentri besar was made tenuous after PAS officially severed ties with PKR at the Islamist party’s muktamar this year.

Azmin is also politically indebted to PAS as it was its nomination that allowed him to be appointed the MB of Selangor, following the controversial “Kajang Move” to depose Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, a rival of the PKR deputy president.

Allies DAP and Amanah have both expressed misgivings about Azmin’s continued pursuit of PAS, but to no avail.