Dato’ Eric destroys Tony Pua, challenges him to debate

The Third Force

“As for the Penang Tunnel project scandal which he only responded with a weak “at least it was tender”, I am more than happy to publicly debate Tony Pua on this subject”

Eric See-To

PM Najib wants to compare his scandals to CM Lim Guan Eng. Funny.

LGE’s Bungalow Facts:

1. Bungalow was purchased at market price in 2012 per evaluation by both MoF’s JPPH and private valuer’s valuation.

ANSWER: Wrong! The bungalow was transacted in 2015 and the price was below JPPH valuation of RM4.27m and way below market price which was assessed at RM6.5m by valuers.

The fact that LGE paid RM122,100 as stamp duty as land title transfer charges following an IRD assessment shows that the JPPH valuation was RM4.27m.

As the Penang Govt had pointed out in the past, the JPPH valuation is frequently below commercial market price.

If the price was indeed RM2.8m then the 10,550sf land banglo would cost just RM265 per square feet for prime land – even cheaper than the “affordable” houses for the rakyat that the Penang Govt wants to build at.

2. Price of bungalow of RM2.8m was well within the income of a Chief Minister.

ANSWER: Which is why he is being charged for getting something that is of much higher value than what his income allows

3. Seller never received a sen in “returns” from the state govt.

ANSWER: The seller had at least two transactions with the state govt.

One was the initial award of a workers complex project that was then cancelled as the company awarded wanted to change the terms after award.

The other one was the conversion of land status that was granted to the seller of which Guan Eng as the State Planning Committee Chairman had been involved in.

Conversion of land status typically allows the land value to increase.

On top of that, the seller and his relatives also had a property consulting service company together with the wife of Guan Eng called Excel Property Management & Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Whether it was proper or if there was a conflict of interest or the wife of the CM who is in charge of property matters and approvals in the state to also provide consulting services to property companies wanting to do business in the state is up to Tony to decide.