Dr M and his wolf pack — Karamjit Ghill

(MMO) – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been doing everything and anything possible to unseat Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Whenever you think Tun Mahathir cannot get any worse or go any lower, he goes and signs a pact with Hindraf.

This is a new low even for a seasoned campaigner with the calibre of Tun Dr M.

It’s truly a desperate act by a desperate man, in desperate times.

Seems like the existing champs within DAP and PKR have been left in the lurch by the sleight of hand of these highly twisted bunkum of personalities.

My old friend MP Kula, MP Gobind and Prof Rama have been caught on the blind side by the de facto Pakatan leader’s move.

Tun Mahathir is clearly moving the pawns to secure his passage through the muddy confluence of Pakatan politics.

Once personified as the saviour of Indians circa 2007, Waythamoorthy enjoyed the wave of support from Indians using Tun Mahathir as the bogeyman.

Dividing the Indians along religious line, their existences hinged on the works of Tun Mahathir who defiled and betrayed the Indian community in his 22 year master class rule of Malaysia.

Hindraf made the Indians look at Tun M as a form of abomination that caused planned ‘genocide’ using police and other Government tools to depress the population of the Indians.

Now what gives?

Who caused the systematic neglect, displacement and marginalisation of the Indian community?

In fact it is Hindraf’s Waytha who said that Mahathir’s era was the worst time for Indians in the country. It was during this period that Indians lost out to other communities.

Mahathir, driven by a pathological desire to deny his Indian ancestry, ensured that the problems faced by the Indian community were not given any importance.

Today you choose to cheerlead with him. Why?

Time and time again Hindraf has made a farce of creating political roadshows dragging the Indian community through their chaotic ideals.

Hindraf typifies a hangover that the poor Indian community has to face every time the GE comes around the corner.

Clearly, Pakatan Harapan has lost its fortitude to preserve and protect their principles. We watch in horror at the desperation of Pakatan in welcoming these uncouth personalities and muddying the once clear conscience of opposition struggle at the pinnacle of which was led by Mr. Karpal Singh.

We are back to square one after all these years. The struggles of Reformasi and Ubah have been undone and obliterated.

By the looks of it, Putrajaya’s hangover is here with the wolf pack ready to roll in.