Azmin Ali prefers PAS to Chinese support?

KTemoc Konsiders

The Malaysian Insight – PKR could gain PAS but lose friends and allies, warns analyst:

The Selangor government think tank, Institut Darul Ehsan said that: “The IDE study found that only 1% of Chinese in Selangor would support PAS. If their anger at PAS is transferred to PKR for cooperating with it, PKR is finished in Selangor.” 

Unfortunately, PKR still insists on allying itself with PAS who has just rejected them, though it’s suspected some in PAS might want some form of association with Pakatan, principally for the Chinese votes which come along with DAP’s friendship, superficial and false as the ‘friendship’ might have been.

There is unlikely to be anymore Chinese support for PAS but Institut Darul Ehsan fears the ‘dislike’ virus may spread across to a slutting PKR, wakakaka, which may see the demise or near decimation of the so-called Reformasi Party in Selangor.

And we haven’t even factored in PKR’s internal fractional tussle yet.

Ilham Centre executive director Hisomuddin Bakar said that … PKR risked alienating Chinese voters if it continued to pursue political cooperation with the Islamist party.

He warned: “There is a big possibility that Chinese voters will abandon PKR if it patches things up with PAS. Just a 20% swing in the Chinese vote will cause PKR to lose all its seats in Selangor.”

Hisomuddin reminded PKR that in GE-13 in 2013, PKR had benefited from 80% of the Chinese vote while PAS, 60%, but obviously the latter is gone.

PKR’s continued slutting with PAS has deeply disappointed its Pakatan allies because any compromise with PAS will adversely affect Amanah and Pribumi.

But let’s face it, Azmin Ali is now fighting for the survival of PKR, at least in Selangor if not elsewhere and he for some reasons believe an alliance with PAS even at teh expense of Chinese support is the answer. Maybe he has taken Chinese support for his party too much for granted.