Red shirts boss: I knew about ruckus a week before

Jamal Yunos says he knew about the plan to create problems at Sunday’s Nothing to Hide 2.0 forum and claims that PPBM was behind it


(Berita Daily) –  Umno man Jamal Yunos revealed that he knew about the fracas at the Nothing to Hide 2.0 forum yesterday a week before the event took place.

Speaking to Berita Daily, Jamal divulged that he was informed that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) would create the ruckus an hour after Dr Mahathir Mohamad started to answer questions from the audience.

The Sungai Besar Umno division leader denied that Umno was part of the trouble.

“I knew about the ruckus a week before the event. That is why there were no Umno men during the forum. They (PPBM) wanted to create the trouble an hour after Mahathir spoke. That was the plan so Mahathir does not need to give any answers to the public.

“I have no problem with them wanting to accuse me or Umno. That is their game plan. Who else are they going to blame. Of course, it will be Umno or me,” said the red shirts leader.

Yesterday, the ‘Nothing to Hide 2.0’ programme, organised by Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (PPBM) Youth wing (Armada), at Dewan Raja Musa in Section 7 Shah Alam turned into a ruckus with the throwing of flares, chairs, shoes and water bottles by several audience.

The pandemonium broke out at 5.10pm after a male audience asked the party’s chairman, Dr Mahathir Mohamad over the Memali incident which occurred in Baling, Kedah, in September 1985.

When asked why the incident was declared as emergency and those involved were killed, Mahathir explained that it was standard operating procedures for the police after four of its personnel perished in the incident.

However, as he was explaining, several individuals began throwing shoes, chairs and water bottles before the troublemakers ignited flares and thrown at the former prime minister who was standing in the middle of the stage.

Paid RM50 to cause trouble

Jamal then said that every person involved in the scuffle and chaos was paid RM50 each by Armada (PPBM Youth wing) and were also given mineral bottles and t-shirts.

“They were all paid by Armada. RM50 each with mineral bottles and t-shirts. They can go ahead and blame us. We just don’t care. Umno and myself, we don’t even care about the forum yesterday. We were busy with our own agenda,” he said.

Today, PPBM Youth exco member Mohd Ashraf Mustaqim refuted an allegation made by former PKR man and Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s staunch critic Badrul Hisham Shaharin that the ruckus yesterday during the Nothing to Hide 2.0 forum was caused by PPBM’s own members.

Speaking to Berita Daily, Ashraf said that it does not make any sense that PPBM members would want to hurt Mahathir or any other Pakatan Harapan leaders who were present during the forum.

“It does not make any sense at all. Why do we want to cause trouble to our own programme? Saying that it was planned by Mahathir in his bid to escape the crowd was nonsensical.

“We have provided the evidence to the police. The t-shirts worn by the three suspects were not made by PPBM. It was the same colour and design but not made by us,” he said.