How Najib used 1MDB to get Mahathir to humiliate himself

Mahathir is finished. And to add insult to injury he has been stripped of all his dignity and has lost all moral values. Even worse is his family has been brought down into the gutter together with him. The Mahathir name is no longer the name of a statesman but the name of a pariah. The defeat and loss of power is not as bad as the defiling of the Mahathir name. There is no longer any Mahathir dynasty. Mahathir will be remembered as the man who sold himself in the pursuit of power and revenge and turned prostitution into an art form.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was very sure he had a winner in his hands. He was guaranteed that the 1MDB issue is extremely strong and can easily bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. With what Mahathir thought was RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money disappearing into thin air, there was no way Najib can survive the onslaught. All they needed to do was to reveal to the world that Najib stole RM42 billion of the rakyat’s money and Najib will fall faster than the three years it took for Mahathir to oust Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

But first they needed to sabotage 1MDB to make sure it really does get into trouble and suffers a serious cash flow problem. They cannot expect the ship to sink all by itself. They need to sink the ship. So they torpedoed the IPO and got Bank Negara to block all bank loans to 1MDB. Without sufficient funding even Apple, Facebook or Google will fall. Funding is the essence of business success. America was built and the west was won on borrowed money and public share issues. So were the earlier conglomerates of the British Empire. Banks and public share issues make the world go round and without funding 1MDB is assured of destruction.

So that was how the 1MDB saga started. First Mahathir arranged all his ducks in a row and then he fired the shots. That was in 2013. And when he thought 1MDB was gasping its last few breaths he stepped in and fired the final bullet into the brain to put it out of its misery, which was Khairuddin Abu Hassan’s police report in December 2014.

The only flaw in that plan was Khairuddin was not a person of the highest ethics and credibility. He had just acquired a trophy wife and was in dire financial straights. He would sell his mother to get money to save his house for being auctioned and to pay for his lifestyle of the rich and famous. Khairuddin was without a doubt motivated by money and not the cause.

In January 2015, Mahathir started gathering his forces to move in for the final putsch and to replace Najib with Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukhriz as the new Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. And he gave himself six months for that to happen, which means by July 2015. At least that was the plan. And Mahathir was so sure it was a foolproof plan and that Najib was a dead man walking that he organised Najib’s farewell and ‘happy retirement’ party three days before Najib was supposed to walk out the door and hand power to Muhyiddin and Mukhriz.

Mahathir’s early celebration of Najib’s ouster that was supposed to have happened on 29th July 2015 but did not

Mahathir, however, forgot one golden rule of life. And that rule is man proposes but God disposes. And that is why Muslims say insha-Allah or God willing after every statement — or as the English will say, touch wood. And in Mahathir’s case God was not willing. Three days after Mahathir’s birthday bash, Najib struck and decapitated all the main conspirators and sent them to their graves. Muhyiddin, Shafie Apdal, the Attorney General, those in the MACC, those in Bank Negara, those in the Special Branch — all who were in the conspiracy to sabotage 1MDB and to use the 1MDB issue to hang Najib were themselves hanged from the highest tree.

It was a blow Mahathir never saw coming and which he could not take. At that point of time he should have done what the IGP and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah did — and that is to back off and admit defeat. But Mahathir could not accept defeat. He thought he still had a chance of ousting Najib. So, when the 29th July 2015 coup failed, he tried a second time with the October 2015 vote of no confidence in Parliament followed by the December 2015 vote of no confidence in the Umno assembly.

Both those moves also failed and not a ripple was caused let alone a showdown of any kind.

Najib was supposed to fall four days after the birthday bash but instead Mahathir’s gang of conspirators all got axed

Mahathir should have realised that the one-year December 2014 to December 2015 operation had failed. He should have gone home to lick his wounds and not waste any more time trying to oust Najib. He had tried in July and again in October and December. It was a case of three strikes and you are out. But Mahathir could not accept that Najib had outmaneuvered him and was very safe and secure in his Prime Minister’s seat.

Mahathir always told his people you will never be able to topple the Prime Minister from outside the party. If you want to topple the Prime Minister it has to be from the inside. That was why when Tengku Razaleigh’s Team B made their move on him in 1987, Mahathir closed down Umno and set up a new party. This was so that he could get rid of all his enemies within Umno.

Mahahir knew that once Tengku Razaleigh and his Team B were safely out of Umno then they no longer posed any danger. Better still if they go and set up a new party and become Umno’s enemy. Even better if Tengku Razaleigh and his new party works with Umno’s or Barisan Nasional’s enemies — such as PAS, DAP and PBS.

And that was precisely what Tengku Razaleigh did and what he should not have done. Eight years later Tengku Razaleigh realised he had made a huge tactical blunder and had played right into Mahathir’s hands. So he closed down his party and returned to Umno with his tail between his legs together with a large group of his supporters.

Mahathir did precisely what Tengku Razaleigh did and should not have done — so Mahathir is going to face that same fate

So Mahathir knew that to leave Umno and to form a new party and to declare yourself and your new party as the enemy of Umno and Barisan Nasional is suicidal. If you want to topple the Prime Minister you must do it from within Umno and not from outside Umno. These ‘words of wisdom’ came from Mahathir’s own mouth. And this is precisely what Najib wanted Mahathir to do so that he can commit political suicide.

When the Kedah State Assembly removed Mukhriz as the Menteri Besar on 3rd February 2016 Mahathir could not take it any longer. On 29th February 2016 Mahathir resigned from Umno. Then he crossed over to the opposition. And then he formed a new party. Then his new party declared war on Umno and Barisan Nasional. Mahathir then assumed the role of leader of the opposition pact.

Mahathir did everything in the ‘must-not-do’ list. And he did everything in the must-not-do list because Najib maneuvered him into doing it. Najib wanted Mahathir to do all that and Mahathir did them to the letter. It is like Najib handed Mahathir a knife with instructions to cut his own throat and Mahathir did precisely that. And this is the Najib who Mamak Mahathir called Bugis Pengecut. Maybe Mahathir should look at the video below to understand how Najib had outwitted him.

The three lessons that Najib taught Mahathir

Mahathir underestimated Najib and misread his silence as weakness and defeat. And that was Mahathir’s biggest blunder of his political career amongst the so many other blunders that run into ten pages. And this was because Mahathir was being blinded by rage and desperation. And when you are blinded by rage and desperation you do things no sane person would do.

Mahathir was so obsessed with 1MDB that he could not see anything else beyond 1MDB. And this disease is contagious because even those in PKR and DAP became infected with the 1MDB obsession. Mahathir and the opposition placed their entire fortune on just one throw of the dice, 1MDB. It is like sailing on the Titanic with only one lifeboat thinking that the ship will never sink. And when it does you drown in the water. And now they are floundering in the water waiting to die.

When that happens you become very desperate and a drowning person will clutch at straws and will do things one should never do. And Mahathir’s desperation drove him to do what he should not have done.

First he resigned from Umno. Then he crossed over to the opposition. After that he formed a new party. Then he said his new party’s agenda is to kick out Umno and Barisan Nasional. Then he brought his new party into the opposition coalition. Then he declared he is the ‘top dog’ of the opposition coalition.

Mahathir did everything he should not have done. And he did so because he was very desperate and his desperation drove him into doing what was taboo. Further to that, Mahathir did everything that he himself said must not be done — such as try to topple the Prime Minister from outside Umno and form a new party that will be seen as a threat to Umno and Barisan Nasional. More importantly, Mahathir did precisely what Najib wanted him to do.

Mahathir’s third attempt at ousting Najib, which also failed, and the look on his face when he realised it was three strikes in a row

Mahathir faced so many humiliations over the last three years that he is no longer ashamed of his actions. In 2015 he faced three embarrassing failed coup attempts. In February 2016 he faced the humiliation of his son getting sacked as the Kedah Menteri Besar followed by his merajuk (sulking) that triggered his resignation from Umno.

Mahathir got rid of Tengku Razaleigh by closing down Umno and by forming a new party whereas all Najib had to do was to remove Mukhriz and Mahathir committed suicide without the need of Najib’s help. Mahathir forgot what he did to others and that the same thing could be done to him. That is called karma or what goes around comes around.

Mahathir thought he had Umno behind him and that they would rally behind him to move for a vote of no confidence against Najib. That was Mahathir’s last card — to get Umno to remove Najib. But that was not Najib’s last card. If they move for a vote of no confidence, and if it succeeds, then Najib can always dissolve Parliament and call for a snap general election.

Mahathir with one seat thinks he can tell the rest of Pakatan Harapan what to do

Mahathir cannot pull of a vote of no confidence with just the Pakatan Harapan Members of Parliament because they do not have the numbers. He also needs those Members from the government bench. But what Mahathir forgot is that most of the Umno Members of Parliament are also division heads. They need that position of wakil rakyat to win and hold the post of division head. And that means the Members of Parliament are technically Umno warlords. However, while the members choose their division heads, it is the Prime Minister who decides if they get to contest the general election. And if they do not get to contest the general election they will be hard-pressed to hold their division head post as well.

Therefore, all those who join Mahathir in the vote of no confidence against Najib — whether Umno or non-Umno Members of Parliament — would not be chosen as candidates in the snap general election. So they can join Mahathir in the vote of no confidence but their political career would end that very same day. If Najib can pancung Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin, Umno Vice President Shafie, the Attorney General, the senior people in Bank Negara, MACC and Special Branch, etc., what are 30 or so Members of Parliament who join the vote of no confidence against him?

Umno is a party of warlords. And the Taipan of Taikos is Najib. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. And the lord of the realm is Najib Tun Razak, the man who decides if you live or die. And the Umno warlords are smart enough to know you do not cross Najib and live to tell the tale. And Najib made sure this message was delivered loud and clear so that when Mahathir sounded the charge not a single Barisan Nasional Member of Parliament responded. Najib had preempted Mahathir and killed the move before it happened.

Mahathir a Chinese-DAP tool and ‘top dog’ of Pakatan Ali Baba

Mahathir knew this and he knew why his October 2015 and December 2015 vote of no confidence attempts failed to even get off the ground let alone pass. Mahathir blamed the Umno warlords for this and said they ‘makan dedak’. Mahathir was so frustrated he could only insult those who did not support him in his move against Najib because that was all Mahathir had left: insults.

It had come to a stage where Mahathir’s desperation stripped him of all feelings of shame. In December 2016 DAP held its party convention and announced that Mahathir was not invited. When Najib told the Umno assembly a day before that the next general election will be between a DAP-Chinese-led Pakatan Harapan and an Umno-Malay led Barisan Nasional, Lim Kit Siang panicked.

Kit Siang then phoned Mahathir to invite him to DAP’s convention the following day and Mahathir accepted the invitation. After earlier announcing he was not invited, Mahathir accepted DAP’s eleventh hour invitation just so that DAP can parade Mahathir as their Malay face and Pakatan Harapan as Pakatan Ali Baba. Mahathir sold himself cheap. DAP wanted to prove Najib wrong and present Mahathir as DAP’s Malay mascot. That was probably the lowest Mahathir has ever had to bend in his entire political career.

Shame no longer existed.

Mahathir no longer had time for shame. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Even though he knew DAP was using him just to counter Najib’s statement he allowed himself to be used. Malays calls this pelacur takde maruah. It is the actions of those stripped off all moral values and dignity.

Mahathir’s children must be very embarrassed and ashamed of him, as probably are his grandchildren as well who are no longer small kids. The fact that his children, too, no longer have pride and dignity and go along with this is mind-boggling. Surely a man like Mahathir who has come so far does not want to end his days like this.

Mahathir leaving the palace after being lectured like a school kid by the Sultan of Kedah

The so-called one million signatures on his ‘Deklarasi Raykat’ was another huge embarrassment. The signatures are fakes and the real figure is a fraction of those one million. Not only did they buy those signatures but they also did not pay the amount promised. Then Mahathir demanded an audience with HRH the Sultan of Kedah where he received a lecture and was told the Rulers do not get involved in politics, especially in conspiracies to oust the Prime Minister.

The Sultan lectured Mahathir like a school kid and sent him home like you would a juvenile delinquent. The only thing Mahathir was not given was a slap on the face although the Sultan did give him a symbolic slap on the face.

After what Mahathir had done to and said about Anwar, he had to lower his dignity and go meet Anwar in court, not once but twice. Anwar was enjoying every minute seeing Mahathir grovel with his tail between his legs. Anwar told his close confidante that he never thought he would see the day when Mahathir would come to lick his balls — jilat peler aku, to quote what Anwar said.

Wan Azizah said if Pakatan comes to power Mahathir will be investigated for his wrongdoings and transgressions, yet another slap on his face

Mahathir then presents himself as the Prime Minister-in-waiting and ‘top dog’ of Pakatan Harapan. Even a person like Mat Sabu kept his mouth shut and said nothing while DAP’s Superman Hew said Mahathir is DAP’s running dog and merely being used as a tool to screw the Malays. Then Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail announced that if Pakatan Harapan comes to power Mahathir is going to be investigated for his wrongdoings and transgressions.

How in heaven’s name did Mahathir think that with only one seat, and which is not even his own seat on top of that, he can be the top dog of Pakatan Harapan and tell the opposition what to do and who they should appoint as the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister? Mahathir must be losing his mind.

And during all that time Najib did nothing and said nothing. Najib just let Mahathir and the rest of the Pakatan gang do all the doing and talk all the talking. Najib just kept quiet and, as the Malays say, ulur tali. In English this means Najib gave them all the rope to hang themselves. And hang themselves they did.

There is no longer any hope of ousting Najib from inside Umno or Barisan Nasional. If they want Najib killed they need to kick Umno and Barisan Nasional out in the next general election. And this means Pakatan Harapan must win not less than 112 seats in Parliament. Currently they are hard-pressed to win even 72 seats let alone 112 seats. And that is the reality of the situation.

Mahathir is finished. And to add insult to injury he has been stripped of all his dignity and has lost all moral values. Even worse is his family has been brought down into the gutter together with him. The Mahathir name is no longer the name of a statesman but the name of a pariah. The defeat and loss of power is not as bad as the defiling of the Mahathir name. There is no longer any Mahathir dynasty. Mahathir will be remembered as the man who sold himself in the pursuit of power and revenge and turned prostitution into an art form.