Kit Siang in reactive damage control

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Lim Kit Siang is in damage control after political activist Haris Ibrahim voiced his concerns on Mahathir becoming Pakatan’s PM if the coalition were to win GE-14.

Brother Haris Ibrahim has been famed for his call to vote ABU (Anyone but UMNO) in the last election, and is a socio-political who is highly respected by many Malaysians.

haris ibrahim

[I must confess I have been against Brother Haris’ ABU because of its sweeping collateral damage – ABU affected good people like Saifuddin Abdullah who lost Temerloh (P88) in GE-13 to the notorious PAS’ Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan by a 2% majority (1070)] 


[The PAS ulama (also with an Egyptian name of ‘Tantawi’, which means highness in English) has made irresponsible inconsiderate insidious blames against non-Muslim celebrations such as New Year Eves’ and Valentine Days’ parties for causing Muslim women to become single mums who then abandoned their fatherless babies]

Anyway, Brother Haris has a very poor impression of Mahathir’s track record during the latter’s 22-year dictatorial reign as PM.