Zuraidah denied involvement in UNISEL

Another Brick in the Wall

Zuraidah Kamaruddin, the MP for Ampang denied involvement in Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) at a political campaign in Bukit Indah recently.

It sounded strange to come from this long believed member of the Azmin faction within PKR.

Zuraidah’s name crashed in the political market ever since her underling, an AMK member in her PKR Cabang, Adam Rosly was charged in court for corruption-related cases and money laundering.

There was open criticism by Adam towards Dato Seri Azmin Ali. It was followed by war of words between Zuraidah and Rafizi Ramli.

Zuraidah is suspected as one of the four channels used by Azmin to raise political funding through local council contracts. Both Zuraidah and Adam are sore with Azmin for washing his hands.

On UNISEL, Zuraidah is neither accused nor implicated in any alleged wrongdoings. Also, she is not a member of the Board of Trustee of UNISEL or state exco member in charge of education.

Her denials indicate she is washing her hands from Azmin. Denial of “involvement’ could only raise suspicion of something not right happening in UNISEL.

During Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s days as Menteri Besar, UNISEL was an issue linked to the bigger issue of Talam Corporation Berhad (now Trinity Corporation Berhad).

Azmin’s strange response

It has yet to explode in the mainstream media till Malaysiakini put the issue in play.

They reported Dato Rizal Mansor, assistant to former pro-Chansellor of UNISEL, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor raised the UNISEL issue among many others at the opening of a Pemuda UMNO division annual general meeting in Kelana Jaya.

Rizal did not made any specific accusation but seek Azmin’s answer to questions raised by an anonymous Wikileak-style portal, Selangor-Leaks.com (read Malaysiakini here).

He may have picked it up from Facebooks, and blogs postings (read Roket Kona FB here and Capt M here).

Azmin have been staying out of controversy by the not-so-CAT practise of ignoring and not responding to any public allegations made against him.

However, the manner Menteri Besar (Selangor) Incorporated (MBI) responded with a threat of legal lawsuit is rather strange (read Mkini here and here).

MBI is under the authority and any decision is solely that of the Menteri Besar. No committee or Board exist to buffer any blame.

Azmin could be feeling the heat and the portal is too close for comfort. It raised suspicion that something is rotten. The blog Flying Kick here posed that question.

Nik Nazmi’s response (read M’kini here and here) to Rizal’s response to MBI statement confirm the suspicion.

When asked why there was no court arbitration done as requested by the court (read Mkini here), Nik’s answers was filled with political cliche but had zero content.

Sorry Nik, MBI hardly answered as to why the dispute between UNISEL and BOT-contractor Jana Niaga was done in such a manner.

Blog Capt M here accused Nik as lying and it was obvious Nik was hoping to divert the issue and protect Azmin.