They call Najib a Bugis pirate but resent Mahathir being called Mamak Kutty

It is okay for them to call Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak a Bugis pirate but it is not okay to call Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Mamak Bendahara, Mamak Kutty, or Mahathir Kutty Iskandar. Today, Suara Mahathir’s headlines was ‘Bugis pirate faces choppy waters’ while Zunar also played up the same Bugis pirate slur in his cartoon.

By the way, PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang’s case against the editor of Suara Mahathir is going to be heard in court today but there is a possibility they might try to seek a postponement like what Anwar Ibrahim did with his Sodomy 2 case that stretched for seven years before it could be settled. Someone will be holding a watching brief on behalf of the Malaysian government so let us see what happens in court later today.