The nefarious Mahathir

(Malaysian Chinese News) – The view of SUARAM adviser Dr Kua Kia Soong that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not qualified to be the prime minister and also not qualified to be the leader of the opposition camp has upset many people.

Tun Mahathir has during his reign toppled two deputy prime ministers and even his successor was forced out after a few years. He now collaborates with Pakatan Harapan in the name of “saving the nation” and hopes to take over the central government in the next election.

Certain netizens have questioned whether Mahathir would once again breach his promises. Certain Pakatan Harapan supporters even boastfully vow to go after Mahathir when Pakatan comes into power. Why not translate such boastful vow into Malay so that Mahathir can understand?

Many scandals happened during Mahathir’s reign such as the sacking of the Lord President and judges, serious damage to our judiciary system, plunging tin prices, forex speculations by Bank Negara as well as the Bumiputra Finance scandal. If Pakatan Harapan comes into power, will it continue or launch new investigations into these scandals?

In order to diminish the status of Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman, Mahathir in the 90’s cut down the size of Subang International Airport and even wanted to demolish Merdeka Stadium.

Mahathir’s unhappiness with Najib began in August 2014 when he listed in his Blog the four reasons why he was upset. One of them was Najib’s repeal of the Internal Security Act. People want to know how much they can trust Mahathir for not using powerful government machinery to deal with dissidents once he comes into power.

In 1975 Mahathir called up Dong Jiao Zong leaders and wanted the cancellation of the Unified Examination Certificate exam. After making all considerations, only Chinese independent high school students are allowed to sit for the UEC exam. When he came to power, he enforced the 3M programme and assigned teachers with no Mandarin knowledge to take up senior posts in Chinese primary schools, which eventually led to Operasi Lalang.

The Education Act in 1996 has posed a serious threat to the existence of Chinese schools and the 2003 policy to teach Science and Mathematics in English was abolished after a few years. All this has affected our younger generation. Has Mahathir at any time made any apology for this or promise to correct his past mistakes?

In the 1999 general election, Anwar was sacked and the Reformasi campaign broke out, posing a serious threat to the Barisan government. In the same year, Chinese guilds and associations presented a memorandum known as Suqiu in the hope that the next government would meet their requests. At that time, Chinese-based Barisan component parties had agreed to the requests in principle.

As such, Mahathir, with the Chinese support, won an absolute two-thirds majority to form the government again. However, he turned back on his words and in his 2000 National Day message criticised those in the Chinese guilds and association who drafted the Suqiu as no different from the Malayan Communists.

Did Mahathir apologise to the Chinese community on this incident? In 2001, a group of Chinese led by community leader Liu Pan Shi (translated) offered tea in a ceremony to Mahathir. Pakatan Harapan may organise a similar tea ceremony to signify the beginning of the save the nation movement.

Original Source: 老马罪恶昭著