Cracks in Johor Amanah over MB’s post

Party sources reveal that while Amanah wants to push Salahuddin Ayub as MB, state chief Aminolhuda Hassan’s faction wants him as as MB should Pakatan Harapan wins the state at the next GE

(Berita Daily) – Johor Amanah appears to be split on who should be the menteri besar should Pakatan Harapan takes the state at the next general election.

Amanah deputy president Salahuddin Ayub (pic) will not have a clear path in becoming the next menteri besar should Pakatan Harapan captures the state.

Party sources revealed what while Amanah leadership wanted to push Salahuddin to take up the position, state Amanah chief Aminolhuda Hassan is another potential candidate who could be a threat to Salahuddin.

Aminolhuda’s faction wants him to take the state’s top job and is pushing hard for it.

“This is because he (Aminolhuda) is the Johor Amanah chief and this has led to infighting because we want to push Salahuddin’s name,” said the source.

Salahuddin was Pakatan Rakyat’s (now defunct) Johor menteri besar candidate in the 13th General Election (GE13).

Despite losing both the Pulai parliamentary and the Nusajaya state seat, Salahuddin vowed to continue his political career in Johor and has been active in Pulai.

Meanwhile another source said that party veterans had refused to give way to the younger generation to become election candidates.

This has led to frustration among certain quarters as the youth are not given the platform to step up and prove their ability.

To make matters worse, Amanah has to compete with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) in mixed seats.

“PPBM should go and stand in Malay hardcore constituencies and Umno strongholds, the seats that Opposition has failed to penetrate. But they also want to contest in mix seats,” the source said, indicating that not everything is fine when it comes to seat allocation among the Pakatan Harapan parties in Johor.

The seat allocation for Pakatan Harapan is yet to be finalised although PPBM has stated that it wanted to contest in four parliamentary seats, namely Pagoh, Mersing, Sri Gading and Pengerang, claiming that these seats were not requested by other PH components.

However this has caused PKR to urge PPBM not to make unilateral announcements as no decision has been finalised.

In GE13, PKR contested Sri Gading and Pengerang parliamentary seats but lost out in both constituencies.

Berita Daily also previously reported that Johor PKR chapter wants to retain the status quo and contest all seats it contested in GE13.

Pakatan Harapan eyes Johor as a big potential in their attempt to overthrow BN in GE14.